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Quran (Koran):  By Christian standards the Quran is not a holy book.  It is a novel written with philosophy and religious teachings. Muslims consider this novel a holy book and venerate it because it contains the dogmas and teachings upon which the religion is based.  Mohammed did not write the Quran.  There is no direct evidence that he said anything in the book that is attributed to him.  The book did not surface until many years after his death.  Mohammed never knew or heard most of the contents of the Quran. They were fabricated and made up by his successors and claimed to be his teachings. Therefore, he did not teach the majority of what is found in its pages. The alleged sayings of Mohammed were alleged to have been collected over Caliph Uthman ordered the Qur'an collected into one volume: Hadith 709 & 507

The Qur'an had not been collected into one volume prior the third Caliph, some 25 years after Muhammad's death.

  • 709. Narrated Anas: Uthman called Zaid bin Thabit, Abdullah bin Az-Zubair, Said bin Al-As and Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Harith bin Hisham, and then they wrote the manuscripts of the Holy Quran in the form of book in several copies. Uthman said to the three Quraishi persons." If you differ with Zaid bin Thabit on any point of the Quran, then write it in the language of Quraish, as the Quran was revealed in their language." So they acted accordingly. (Zaid bin Thabit was an Ansari and not from Quraish). Vol. 4 - Prophet and His Companions - Hadith 709

  •  years after his death.  There is a legend that these sayings had been preserved written on palm leaves, tanned animal hides, and bones.  Yet none of these alleged sacred and holy relics were preserved.  Why would a fabricated book be more holy then the scraps of palm leaves, tanned hides, and bones upon which the contents were first written? The entire collection of teachings are plagiarized from the Jewish Old Testament, the Christian New Testament, and paganism.  Mixed into this twisted man-made version of the Bible are all sorts of heresy, evil, and false doctrines.  That is why one Islamic writer called them "satanic verses." Their is a 25 million dollar reward offered to the first Muslim who will kill him!  Jesus never taught there would be a prophet to come after him that would administer the dominion of the Kingdom of David.  Mohammed does not qualify because he is not of the house of Israel or the seed of David. The Apostles never once hinted that there would come another prophet who would replace Jesus as the head of the New Covenant Israel of God.  The New Testament emphasis on the blood of the everlasting covenant in reference to Calvary immediately exposes Islam as a fraud.  Muslims claim Jesus did not die on the cross, a clear contradiction to the words of Jesus himself and his Apostles.  Jesus prophesied he would die and be raised the third day (Mat. 16:21).  Mohammed lied about Jesus when he said Jesus did not die!  If Jesus did not die and if he was not raised from the dead on the third day, then Jesus was a false prophet.  Yet according to Islamics, Jesus was a true prophet!  Prophets do not miss in their predictions.  Therefore, if Mohammed said Jesus did not die and was not raised from the dead, he is a false prophet! If as Muslims claim, Jesus was a true prophet, how come Mohammed and Muslims do not follow his teachings?  The Quran begins with falsehood, contains falsehood, and ends with falsehood, claiming that when Jesus returns from heaven He will die and be buried next to Mohammed in Medina.  

In the index of the Koran, published by Penguin Classic Publications, there are 28 references to almsgiving and charity; 34 references to law-keeping diet regulations; 42 references to heaven and 30 for paradise.  There are 99 references to judgment day, 22 references to hell including graphic descriptions of the punishments awaiting infidels; 18 references to killing and when it is justified, 8 references to martydom for Islam; 28 references to the devil, and 37 references to war.  There were "NO" entries in the index for peace, love, joy, mercy, grace, or hope! Obviously there is a big difference between Jesus and Mohammed!