The conquest of Mecca began in the month in which the Qur'an prohibited fighting. Tabari VIII:160 "Allah's Apostle set out on the expedition against the people of Mecca in the month of Ramadan." The prophet wasn't religious; he knew Islam's "holy months" were a farce. After all, he had stolen the dogma from a pagan.

But why do Muslims follow a prophet who so blatantly ignored his god's orders? Qur'an 9:5 "When the sacred forbidden months for fighting are past, fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, beleaguer them, and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."

The Hadith valiantly tries to explain the reason for the raid, but I'm going to tell you the truth. The Muslim militants were manhandled at Mu'ta. They came home empty-handed, with their tails between their legs. Muhammad was a whisper away from losing control. The mercenary Muslims wanted booty and the peaceful Muslims wanted to be left alone. So he needed an easy kill, and he needed it now.

The last four times he had been in this predicament Muhammad besieged Jewish settlements. But alas, he had over hunted them. There were no more Jews to plunder. So Medina's warlord needed a new patsy, a sure thing, a toothless tiger. And he was in luck. His unrelenting terrorist campaign had destroyed the Meccans economically. And his treaty had deceived them into letting down their defenses. They were vulnerable.

Ishaq:540 "After sending his expedition to Mu'ta, the Messenger learned that the Banu Bakr had assaulted the Khuza'ah while the latter were at a watering place in lower Mecca." There was some strife over a merchant who had been robbed and killed. Surprisingly enough, it hadn't been perpetrated by a Muslim.

You may be wondering why the Hadith would bother with such trivia. By this time Muhammad had led scores of terrorist raids. Collectively, Team Islam had robbed, murdered, enslaved, and raped tens of thousands of men, women, and children. So there must have been a reason for highlighting this "assault." Could it be that the Islamic sages were fishing for an excuse to renege on their peace treaty and justify Muhammad's invasion of Mecca?

Tabari VIII:161 "Matters stood thus between the Banu Bakr and the Khuza'ah when Islam intervened to separate them and occupy people's minds. [In other words: they used to be friends before Islam poisoned Arabia.] The Bakr entered into a pact with the Quraysh, and the Khuza'ah entered into a pact with the Muslims. The truce having been concluded, the Banu Bakr took advantage of it against the Khuza'ah. To retaliate, they wanted to kill the persons responsible for killing their men. So the Bakr killed a Khuza'ah man. The Quraysh aided the Bakr with weapons, and some Quraysh fought on their side under the cover of darkness until they drove the Khuza'ah into the sacred territory." Keep in mind, all of this was taking place in Mecca. The Khuza'ah had come bearing arms. The Quraysh didn't go out looking for trouble.

By protecting their town and honoring an alliance they had formed with the Bakr, the Quraysh were accused of attacking the Khuza'ah, a tribe supposedly allied with the Muslims. But there's a problem the Islamic sages didn't count on - we can read. The breach was bogus. If the Bakr were allied with the Quraysh, then the Muslims had violated the treaty, not the Meccans. Tabari documents an Islamic raid against the Bakr after Hudaybiyah, late in the seventh year, along with another dozen Muslim treaty violations.

Ishaq called the affair a "quarrel" over "a man who had gone on a trading journey," a.k.a., a business trip. While the man was mugged and murdered, neither victim nor villain was Meccan or Muslim.

Tabari VIII:162/Ishaq:541 "The Banu Bakr said, 'We have entered the sacred territory. Be mindful of your God.' To which they replied, 'Today we have no God so we'll take our revenge.' That night the Bakr attacked the Khuza'ah and killed a man named Munabbih. He had a weak heart. He said, 'I am as good as dead anyway, whether they kill me or not, for my weak heart has ceased beating.' The others ran away and escaped. Munabbih was caught and killed. ...When the Quraysh leagued together with the Bakr against the Khuza'ah and killed some men [One died of natural causes, not some, and the Bakr caught him, not the Quraysh.], they broke the treaty because of the pact the Khuza'ah had with Muhammad. This was one of the things that prompted the conquest of Mecca." These boys are as predictable as tomorrow's sunrise.

The Muslim militants who had betrayed their fellow Arabs while terrorizing and robbing every neighboring town, explained: Tabari VIII:175 "Among the terms on which the Messenger and Quraysh had made peace was there should be neither betrayal nor clandestine theft. The Quraysh aided the Bakr with weapons. That is why Muhammad attacked the people of Mecca." Muhammad's excuse was as pathetic as his behavior, and both were as lame as Islamic apologists. Universally, they report that the Meccans had it coming because they aggressively and violently breached the peace treaty that had been steadfastly honored by Muhammad. Nothing could be further from the truth. But truth has never been popular in Islam.

Tabari VIII:163 "Khuza'ah men came to the Messenger and told him how the Quraysh had backed the Bakr against them. The Prophet replied, 'I think you will see Abu Sufyan [the leading Meccan merchant] come to strengthen the pact and extend the term.'" And he did, not knowing that the treaty was just one of Allah's many plots. Tabari VIII:164/ Ishaq:543 "Abu Sufyan went to Muhammad in Medina to affirm the peace treaty. Upon arriving, he visited his own daughter, Umm. When he was about to sit on the carpet bed of the Prophet, she folded it up to stop him. He said, 'My daughter, I do not know if you think that I am too good for this bed or if this carpet is too good for me.' Umm replied [in the racist style of one infected by Islam], 'You are an unclean polytheist.' Abu answered [insightfully], 'My daughter, by Allah, evil came over you after you left me. You have gone bad.'"

Ishaq:543 "Then Abu Sufyan went to Allah's Messenger, but he refused to speak to him." Muhammad had no interest in peace. He wanted submission, booty, and death. Tabari VIII:164 "Sufyan went to Abu Bakr and asked him to intercede, but he refused. When Sufyan asked Umar to help [avert war], he replied, 'No way. By Allah, if I had only ant grubs, I would fight you with them!" Ignorant of Islam, the foolish negotiator went the extra mile to achieve the impossible - peace with an Islamic dictator. Abu Sufyan went to the man who would be Caliph, Ali, and his wife Fatimah - Muhammad's son-in-law and daughter. "Ali said, 'Woe to you, Sufyan. When the Messenger has determined a thing it is useless for anyone to talk to him.'" Islam was, and always has been, dictatorial. The poligious doctrine of "submit and obey" knows nothing of free speech or democracy.

Ishaq:544 "Fatimah said, 'No one can provide any protection against Allah's Apostle." And that is the lesson of history. Self-proclaimed tyrants and dictators start wars; freely elected presidents and prime ministers don't The political doctrines of Islam, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism concentrate power in the hands of a single individual. To maintain their authority, despots establish regimes that are as brutal on their own people as they are violent against their neighbors. Muhammad was a textbook example.

The first Islamic historian confirms: Tabari VIII:165 "There is nothing that you can do to make peace with him. So Abu Sufyan stood in the mosque and said, 'People, I came to make peace. I promise protection between men.'" But the offer was unilateral so, "He mounted his camel and departed."

Sufyan, like most Arabs before Islam, wanted to live freely and in peace. He wanted to earn a living and care for his family. But those were things Muhammad couldn't tolerate. Islam had to be imposed to survive; it had to plunder to live. Doctrinally bankrupt, he knew his Sunnah and Qur'an would never withstand the scrutiny of a free society. And morally bankrupt, it could not provide the level of trust needed for a free economy. So Muslims were destined to lose their liberties. They were transformed into parasites. Islam conquered them, deceived them, corrupted them, and then damned them.

Tabari VIII:165 "When Abu Sufyan reported back to the Quraysh that Muhammad had given him no reply, they said, 'Woe to you! By Allah, he did no more than play with you.'"

Back in the pirate's den, Ishaq:544 "Muhammad commanded the people to prepare for the foray [raid, incursion, sortie, attack, or assault]. The Messenger informed his troops that he was going to Mecca. He ordered them to prepare themselves and ready their equipment quickly. He said, 'O Allah, keep spies and news from the Quraysh until we take them by surprise in their land.'" Fundamental Islamic organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and al-Qaeda offer the same prayer today.

Ishaq:544 "Hassan incited the men, reciting: 'This is the time for war. Don't feel safe from us. Our swords will open the door to death.'" And so it would be forevermore.

Tabari VIII:168 "He departed on the tenth day of Ramadan. They broke their fast and encamped at Marr Zahran with 10,000 Muslims. No news reached the Quraysh about the Messenger, and they did not know what he would do." I beg to differ. Allah's boy had been a nonstop pirate and an insatiable terrorist for eight years. The Meccans were under no illusions. It was the Muslims who were deceived. In their "prophet's" presence, the first Muslims broke several of Islam's Five Pillars. They ignored the Ramadhan fast. They attacked the town whose people had invented Allah. And they ceased their prostrations so that they could kill.

Tabari VIII:170 "When the Messenger set out for Mecca he appointed no one to military commands and displayed no banners." He was using deceptive tactics. Then he begged for help. "He sent to the Arab tribes, but they hung back from him." Given a choice, most Arabs chose not to align themselves with his "religion." Yet sadly, there were enough militants willing to sell their soul for a buck. "When Muhammad reached Qudayd, the Sulaym met him with horses and full armament. Uyaynah joined the Messenger at Arj. Aqra joined in at Suqya." Tabari VIII:171 "When Muhammad encamped at Marr Zahran, Abbas said, 'Woe to the Quraysh! If Allah's Apostle surprises them in their territory and enters Mecca by force, it means the destruction of the Quraysh.'"

Looking out at the Muslim encampments on the hills surrounding Mecca, "Abu Sufyan said, I have never seen fires like those I see today! These are the fires of men gathered for war. Here is Muhammad, come against us with a force we cannot resist - 10,000 Muslims. If he gets hold of me, he will cut off my head."

Abu Sufyan was captured by a Muslim eager to do just that. He brought him shackled to Muhammad, who demanded: Tabari VIII:173/Ishaq:547 "Alas, Sufyan, isn't it time for you to admit that I am the Messenger of Allah?' Sufyan replied, 'As to that I have some doubt.'" That wasn't an acceptable answer so Abbas shrieked, "'Woe to you! Submit and recite the testimony that there is no ilah but Allah and that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah before your head is cut off!'" That was original Islam in action. Submit or die. Testify that there is no ilah but Allah (and that would include Yahweh and Yahshua) or lose your head. Then recite "Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah" (as opposed to Moses, Peter, Paul, or John) or else...

"Muhammad told Abbas to detain Abu Sufyan by the spur of the mountains in the narrow part of the valley until the troops of Allah passed him." Then Ishaq tells us: Ishaq:546 "The Apostle punched him in the chest" before he was hauled away.

Tabari VIII:174/Ishaq:548 "Finally, the squadrons of the Messenger, composed of Emigrants and Ansar in iron armor with only their eyes visible, passed by. His company had become great. Woe to you, none can withstand him. It was all due to his prophetic office." The poligious doctrine of Islam had served Muhammad well.

Tradition indicates that Sufyan was freed once the Muslims had taken up their positions surrounding Mecca. Ishaq:548 "Abu Sufyan ran in haste. When he reached Mecca, he shouted in the sanctuary, 'People of Quraysh, behold Muhammad has come upon us with forces we cannot resist.' Hind [the woman who had lost her son, husband, father, and brother to Islam's butchery at Badr], said, 'Kill this fat greasy bladder of lard! What a rotten protector of the people.' 'Woe to you.' Sufyan replied, 'don't let this woman deceive you, for we cannot resist Islam.'" Muhammad had offered Abu Sufyan a deal he couldn't refuse. Surrender or die. Hind correctly recognized that the Meccan chief had become a traitor.

The prophet was on the warpath. He was now within reach of fulfilling Khadija's aspirations - the Profitable Prophet Plan. The Ka'aba Inc. would soon be his. And all of Mecca would be humbled, humiliated for having rejected him. Tabari VIII:175 "Heading for Mecca, the Prophet sent Zubayr after the Quraysh. He gave him his banner, and appointed him commander over the cavalry of the Emigrants and Ansar. He ordered: 'Zubayr, plant my banner in the upper part of Mecca. Remain there until I come to you.'"

Ishaq says that the prophet showed his true colors that day. He and his men were festooned in "green and black." Green is symbolic of envy - the root cause of Islam. Black is the color of deceit and death - the result of Islam. Then speaking of the dark spirit that inspired and possessed Muhammad, his biographer reports: Ishaq:548 "By Allah, the black mass has spread." Ishaq:548 "Abu Bakr said, 'There is not much honesty among people nowadays.'" One thing led to the other.

Tabari VIII:176/Ishaq:549 "The Prophet sent out his army in divisions. Zubayr was in charge of the left wing. He was ordered to make an entry with his forces from Kuda. Sa'd was commanded to enter with forces by way of Kada. Allah's Apostle said, 'Today is a day for battle and war. Sanctuary is no more. Today the sacred territory is deemed profane [ungodly, irreverent, wicked, and sacrilegious].' When one of the Muhajirs [Emigrants] heard him say this, he warned the Apostle, 'It is to be feared that you would resort to violence.' The Prophet ordered Ali to go after him, to take the flag from him, and fight with it himself."

A less corrupt man suggests that profaning god and resorting to violence might not be a very good idea and he was rebuked. The debate between religion and politics, peace and violence, had taken place once again. And as always, Islam's founder made the wrong call. There is no Islam apart from Muhammad and he has spoken. Are you listening?

Bukhari:V4B53N412 "Allah's Apostle said on the day of the conquest of Mecca, 'There is no migration now, only Jihad, holy battle. And when you are called for Jihad, you should come out at once.'" The message is as clear as Mein Kampf , as undeniable as Pearl Harbor, as brutal as 9/11: "There is only Jihad." Hitler, interestingly enough, repeated Muhammad's line the morning he invaded Poland: "There is no more emigration now, only war."

I'd like to pause and clear up a common misconception. Over the course of the one-thousand radio interviews I've done on the subject of Islam and terrorism, Muslims, and those who coddle them in the media, have mustered only two excuses. They either deny the existence of the one-thousand or more calls for violence you've been confronted with in Prophet of Doom or they claim that the Bible also contains harsh passages. And so it does. But there are no rewards for fighting and there are no open orders to fight. For every wrathful verse in the Bible there are a hundred loving and compassionate ones. The inverse is true in Islam. While there are some nurturing quotes in the Qur'an and Hadith, there are a hundred nasty passages for every positive one. Forgetting for a moment that Qur'anic violence is a ticket to paradise and that it is rewarded with booty in this world and in the next, Allah's orders are open ended, condemning all non-Muslims forever. Moreover, the relative frequency of good verses bad is 10,000 times worse in Islam. Simply stated: a Christian must ignore 99% of the Bible and then corrupt the remaining 1%, pulling it out of context, to be violent. Yet a Muslim must ignore 99% of the Qur'an and Hadith, and corrupt the remaining 1% by mistranslating it and extracting it from its context, to be peaceful.

This Hadith confirms that Islam's prophet wasn't out being religious. Muslim: B19N4395 "I said: 'Should I tell you a Hadith from your Traditions.' He gave an account of the Conquest of Mecca, saying: 'Muhammad (may peace be upon him) advanced until he reached Mecca. He assigned Zubayr to his right flank and [killer] Khalid to his left. Then he dispatched Ubaida with the force that had no armor. They advanced to the interior. The Prophet (may peace be upon him) was in the midst of a large contingent of his fighters. Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: 'You see the ruffians and the lowly followers of the Quraysh.' He indicated by striking one of his hands over the other that they should be killed. So we went off on his orders and if anyone wanted a person killed; he was slain. No one could offer any resistance. Then [the recently "converted"] Abu Sufyan said: Messenger, the blood of the Quraysh has become very cheap. The Prophet said: 'Kill all who stand in your way.'" If this is the criterion for being God's Messenger, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Lenin, and Adolf Hitler were Prophets, too.

At this point the historian's account conflicts somewhat with Muslim's collection, so we can draw the conclusion that much of this is untrue, as contradiction is proof of deceit. We can view Tabari as an apologist, someone interested in buffing up his prophet's bloody reputation. Or perhaps, Muhammad may have had second thoughts. He may have become more interested in humiliating his prey than devouring them. But either way, we're told Mecca's abandoned orphan dispatched his troops, crying: Tabari VIII:176 "'Fight only those who fight you.' When Khalid came upon them in the lower part of Mecca, he fought them, and Allah put them to the fight. Zubayr encountered a squadron of Quraysh on the slopes of Kada and killed them." Alas, the debate was moot. "Khalid fought them," and "Zubayr killed them." So... "When the Prophet arrived, the people stood before him to swear allegiance to him, and so the Meccans became Muslims [one who submits]."

And that's all you really need to know about Muhammad and Islam. He had conquered his demon, avenged his childhood. The praise, power, and possessions he had been denied, were now his. Islam had worked like a charm. It had always been about subduing the Meccans, making them pay for abandoning him, making them wish they hadn't kept the family business for themselves. All they needed to do was surrender - to grovel at his feet. Qur'an 48:28 : "You will see them bow and prostrate themselves, seeking Allah's acceptance. On their faces are their marks, the traces of their prostration."

As you no doubt noticed, throughout this disgusting affair, Allah had been nothing more than an implement. The Meccans swore their allegiance to Muhammad. That is what made them Muslims - "one who submits." Allah was used to disavow the treaty, to justify killing, to steal the Ka'aba, and to empower Muhammad.

In conflict with the evidence, Muslim apologists say that the conquest of Mecca was a peaceful affair. Yet many men and women were butchered on this day. Ishaq:550 "The Muslims met them with their swords. They cut through many arms and skulls. Only confused cries and groans could be heard over our battle roars and snarling."

With his kin confused and in agony: Tabari VIII:178/Ishaq:550 "Muhammad ordered that certain men should be assassinated even if they were found behind the curtains of the Ka'aba. Among them was Abdallah bin Sa'd [the Qur'an's first scribe]. The reason that Allah's Messenger ordered that he should be slain was because he had become a Muslim and used to write down Qur'an Revelation. Then he apostatized, reverted to being a polytheist, and returned to Mecca." The only man who ever attempted to commit Qur'an surahs to parchment as they left the prophet's lips rejected Islam. That ought to send a shiver up every Muslim's spine. The only contemporaneous Qur'an scribe was hunted down by Muhammad. Islam's prophet ordered Muslims to assassinate the first man who attempted to turn the Qur'an into a book. Wow!

Tabari VIII:179 "Abdallah bin Sa'd fled to Uthman, his brother, who after hiding him, finally surrendered him to the Prophet. Uthman asked for clemency. Muhammad did not respond, remaining silent for a long time. Muhammad explained, 'By Allah, I kept silent so that one of you might go up to him and cut off his head.' One of the Ansar said, 'Why didn't you give me a sign.' Allah's Apostle replied, 'A prophet does not kill by pointing.'" No. He kills by deceiving, seducing, and coercing. And lest we forget, he kills by establishing false religions - the most virulent and vicious form of mass murder.

Confirming that this had nothing to do with Allah, Muhammad ordered the assassination of another Muslim. Tabari VIII:179/Ishaq:550 "Among those who Muhammad ordered killed was Abdallah bin Khatal. The Messenger ordered him to be slain because while he was a Muslim, Muhammad had sent him to collect the zakat tax with an Ansar and a slave of his." Long story short, the slave disobeyed, so the Muslim tax collector killed him. Rather than face the music by reporting his misdeed to the boss, Abdallah turned tail, rejected Islam, and used his spoils to acquire the talents of a couple of girls. "The girls used to sing a satire about Muhammad so the Prophet ordered that they should be killed along with Abdullah." "Abdallah was killed by Sa'id and Abu Barzah. The two shared in his blood. One of the singing girls was killed quickly but the other fled. So Umar caused his horse to trample the one who fled at Abtah, killing her."

Muhammad, like his protégé Hitler, suffered as a result of being abused as a child. Insecure men are enraged by criticism. They will stop at nothing to silence anyone who irritates them. Ishaq:551 "Another victim was Huwayrith. He used to insult Muhammad in Mecca. Huwayrith was put to death by Ali."

The next victim on the "God-Father's" hit list was: Ishaq:551 "Miqyas. The Messenger ordered his assassination only because he had killed an Ansar who had killed his brother by mistake and then became a renegade by rejecting Islam." So much for: "There should be no compulsion in religion." "Miqyas was slain by Numaylah."

Tabari VIII:180 "Also among those eliminated were Ikrimah bin Abu Jahl and Sarah, a slave of one of Abd Muttalib's sons. She taunted Muhammad while he was in Mecca." The prophet had notched his ninth kill in addition to those men and women whose arms and skulls had been cut off in the raid. Tabari VIII:181 "According to Waqidi the Messenger ordered that six men and four women should be assassinated. One of these women was Hind, who swore allegiance and became a Muslim."

His bloodlust satiated, it was time to salve his soul. Tabari VIII:181 "Having halted by the door of the Ka'aba, the Messenger stood up and said, 'There is no ilah but Allah alone; He has no partner." That's because Muhammad and Allah were one. And now that Muhammad had claimed the founder's share of the Ka'aba Inc., the last thing he wanted was a partner. Ishaq:553 "Behold, every alleged claim of inherited privilege, blood, wealth, or property is abolished by me except the custody of the Ka'aba and the right to supply water to the pilgrims.'" It's the ultimate confession. The first chance he gets, Muhammad announces that the alleged claims to the Ka'aba, to Qusayy's religious scam, are null and void. Heredity, privilege, property, and wealth will avail the Meccans no longer. Then, Muhammad makes himself an exception - he takes custody of the Ka'aba. It's the fulfillment of Khadija's Profitable Prophet Plan. Islam worked.

Having achieved his life's ambition, the prophet gloats. Tabari VIII:181 "People of the Quraysh, Allah has taken from you the haughtiness of the Time of Ignorance and its veneration of ancestors.... For now I have humbled you, made you Muslims, submissive unto me.... People of the Quraysh and people of Mecca, what do you think I intend to do with you?" Rub their noses in it, literally. He needed them to grovel at his feet - to bow down and swear allegiance to him. He wanted what he had always craved - to be praised and obeyed, to be empowered, to be enriched. Killing more Meccans wouldn't be any fun. He had done enough of that. No, he wanted to see them humiliated.

Tabari VIII:182/Ishaq:553 "The people assembled in Mecca to swear allegiance to the Messenger in submission. They gathered to do homage to the Apostle in Islam. Umar remained below the Prophet, lower than the place where he sat [on his elevated throne], imposing conditions on the people as they paid homage [reverence] to Muhammad, promising to submit and obey. Umar administered the oath, receiving from the Meccans their pledge of allegiance to Muhammad. They promised to heed and obey Allah and His Messenger." And since no one spoke for Allah but Muhammad, there were no orders but Muhammad's and thus no one to be obeyed but him. "That was the oath administered to those who swore allegiance to the Prophet in submission (Islam)."

Tabari VIII:183 "When the Messenger was finished with the men's swearing of allegiance, the women swore allegiance." Having been abandoned by all of the women in his life, Muhammad was particularly harsh on them. "You are swearing allegiance to me on condition that you will associate nothing with Allah [and by default, me].' 'By Allah, you are imposing something on us that you did not impose on the men.' one of the women said." Muhammad paid her no heed and continued his list. When he got to "'Do not kill your children.' the woman said, 'We raised them and you killed them. You know better about killing them than we do.' Umar laughed immoderately at her words." But the Messenger did not think it was funny. The truth hurt. His only response was to call the truth a lie, or at least to sequester the messenger. "He said, 'Do not invent slanderous tales henceforth.'" For a terrorist, Muhammad was very thin-skinned. The woman's line was one of the great comebacks of all time. And she had earned the right to say it. For Muhammad's goons had murdered her father, her brother, her husband, and her son.

"Hind said, 'Bringing slander is ugly. Sometimes it is better to just ignore it.' He said, 'You shall not disobey me in carrying out my orders.' The Messenger told Umar, 'Receive their oath of allegiance and their homage.'" "Now go, for I have accepted your allegiance and praise." The abused was now an abuser. And the abused abuser craved the one thing he never knew: love.

Before we move on with the narrative, I want you to appreciate the dynamics of this situation. Everything was intensely personal. Mecca was an isolated and shabby collection of mud huts. Every Meccan knew every other Meccan, and most were related. It isn't by chance that Muhammad knew the names of everyone he had killed in each of his raids on the Quraysh, or that his militants were killing their fathers and brothers. This was a family feud, a quarrel over who should inherit Qusayy's scam.

Islam was a consequence. It happened, as did Mein Kampf , because a child was denied. I took great pains to expose the true nature of Mecca, Qusayy's adventure, and the circumstances surrounding Muhammad's birth so that you might know why the abused boy claimed that he was Allah's Messenger. By sharing what the Qur'an had to say about the pleasures of paradise and the torments of hell, we came to know what pleased and tortured Muhammad - and thus what motivated him. His every word and deed, his Qur'an and Sunnah, were derivatives of the abuse he suffered. And his rage was magnified when his family failed to rescue him. Islam was one man's quest for revenge. Muhammad was powerless, poor, and unloved. Therefore, his Islam was focused on power, money, and sex. It's as simple and sad as that.

Tabari VIII:182/Ishaq:553 "Allah had enabled Muhammad to take the persons of the Quraysh by force, giving him power over them so they were his booty. Their lives were now his spoil, but he emancipated them." No. He enslaved them. That's what an oath of allegiance in submission is all about. But by not selling his possessions - his booty - into slavery, he was perceived as merciful. When a kidnapper stops tormenting victims, they view the reprieve as a form of mercy. In a twisted sort of way it ultimately causes the molested to see their molester as loving. This is why Muslims rewrite their history and revere the man who enslaved them.

But just humiliating the Meccans was insufficient. The "prophet" knew their "praise and homage" was insincere. So he continued to look for love in all the wrong places. Tabari VIII:187 "The [sixty-two-year-old] Messenger of Allah married Mulaykah. She was young and beautiful. One of the Prophet's wives came to her and said, 'Are you not ashamed to marry a man who killed your father during the day he conquered Mecca? She therefore took refuge from him."

Now that he had conquered his demons, it was time for Muhammad to pay his respects: Ishaq:552 "When the populace had settled down, Muhammad went to the Ka'aba and compassed it seven times on his camel, touching the Black Stone with a stick. Then he went inside the Temple. There he found a dove made of wood. He broke it in his hands and threw it away." Perfect. The first idol Muhammad broke was the international symbol of peace and the symbol of Yahweh's spirit.

May the truth be known: Ishaq:552 "The Ka'aba contained 360 idols which Lucifer had strengthened with lead. The Apostle was standing by them with a stick in his hand, saying, 'The truth has come and falsehood has passed away.' Then he pointed at them with his stick and they collapsed on their backs one after the other." The Ka'aba was a pagan shrine - and a rotten one at that. It had never been anything more. But today, Muhammad helped his dark spirit eliminate the competition. The same stick that had recognized the Black Stone, toppled the other false gods.

Ishaq:552 "The Quraysh had put pictures in the Ka'aba including two of Jesus and one of Mary (on both of whom be peace). Muhammad ordered that the pictures should be erased."

So then after stealing the pagan shrine, Ishaq:554 "Muhammad sat in the mosque and Ali came to him with the key to the Ka'aba asking him to grant his family the rights associated with custodianship." But alas, the Shi'ite didn't measure up. The Mighty Mo handed the key to Uthman for safekeeping. Then, stealing a line from the Scriptures, the dimwitted, delusional degenerate proclaimed: Ishaq:555 "Mecca is the Holy of Holies." But even Satan knows that's not true, which is why he will desecrate the real "Holy of Holies" on Mount Moriah in the last days. It's why Islam's first real shrine was built on the Temple Mount.

The blood that had flowed from the broken bodies of the men and women, killed by the Muslims this day, had yet to dry when the Chief Hypocrite said: Ishaq:555 "It is not lawful for anyone to shed blood in Mecca. It was not lawful to anyone before me and it will not be lawful after me. If anyone should say, "The Apostle killed men in Mecca," say, "Allah permitted his Apostle to do so but He does not permit you."'"

In the poetry that accompanied the raid, we discover: Ishaq:557 "Allah gave you a seal imprinted. [The "Seal of Prophethood" was just a hairy mole.] Allah's proof is great. [Now there's a delusional thought.] I testify that your religion is true and that you are great among men. Allah testifies that Ahmad [the "praised"] is the chosen. You are a noble one, the cynosure [someone who attracts attention or admiration] of the righteous, a prince."

A misguided soul shouted, Ishaq:558 "Gabriel, Allah's messenger is with us and the Holy Spirit has no equal." Muhammad mistook Lucifer for Gabriel and thus Muslims wrongly believed that Gabriel was the Holy Spirit. One lie simply led to another.

Another orator recited: "Allah said, I have sent an army. Every day they curse, battle and lampoon." Then speaking of the "prince," the poet proclaimed: "He is the pure blessed Hanif, [While Muhammad was once a wannabe Hanif, the Hanifs were never Muslims. They rejected the prophet and his god.] He is Allah's trusted one whose nature is loyalty." Muhammad had just dissolved his vows and reneged on a treaty, so Muslims have a misguided definition of "trust and loyalty."

Another shared: Ishaq:560 "We expelled the people and smote them with our swords the day the good Prophet entered Mecca. We pierced their bodies with cuts and thrusts. And we shot them with our feathered shafts. Our ranks went in with lances leveled. We came to plunder as we said we would. We pledged our faith to the Apostle on this day of fear." Now there's an honest Muslim: "We came to plunder as we said we would."

Pledging, piercing, and plundering behind us, Muhammad decided to get religious: Ishaq:561 "The Apostle sent out troops to the territories surrounding Mecca inviting men to Allah. Among those he sent was Khalid. He was ordered to go as a missionary. Khalid subdued the Jadimah and killed some of them." "Troops" don't deliver "invitations," they deliver ultimatums. Khalid was Muhammad's most vicious terrorist. Calling him a "missionary" is a perverted joke. He once defined himself, bragging, "I am the sword of Allah and the sword of His Messenger!"

You'd think that after Muhammad had achieved his life's ambition, he'd tell his militants to lay down their swords. But such was not the case. A man plagued by insecurity can never be satiated. Tabari VIII:189/Ishaq:561 "Alas for you, Banu Jadimah! It is Khalid. By Allah, after you lay down your weapons, it will be nothing but leather manacles, and after the manacles nothing but the cutting off of heads.' After they had laid down their arms, Khalid ordered that their hands should be tied behind their backs. Then he put them to the sword, smiting their necks, killing them. When the word got to Muhammad as to what Khalid had done, he said, 'I declare that I am innocent of Khalid's deeds.'" Sorry. Muhammad was the responsible party. He preached the sermons and recited the surahs that led to this. His Sunnah and his scripture were clear: good Muslims kill. Jihad is the best deed in Islam. But Muhammad was a weasel. He never accepted responsibility for anything. He had always claimed that it had been his god who had terrorized, robbed, enslaved, and murdered - not him. And Muhammad never disavowed Khalid; he went on to become the Profit's best general and tax collector.

Ishaq:564 "One of the Banu Jadimah [who had been victimized by Khalid] said, 'God take reprisals on the Muslims for the evil they did to us. They stole our goods and divided them. Their spears came at us not once but twice. Their squadrons came upon us like a swarm of locusts. Were it not for the religion of Muhammad, their cavalry would never have attacked." And if not for Muhammad's religion, terrorists wouldn't be terrorizing today.

This brings us to another revealing tale - the assassination of Allah's daughters: Ishaq:565 "The Apostle sent Khalid to destroy the idol Al-Uzza in the lowland of Nakhlah. The Quraysh used to venerate her temple. When Sulami heard of Khalid's approach, he hung his sword on Al-Uzza, climbed a mountain, and shouted: 'O Uzza, make an annihilating attack on Khalid. Throw aside your veil [Muhammad stole Islam's "veil" from the pagans, too.], and gird up your train. O Uzza, if you do not kill Khalid then bear a swift punishment or become a Christian.'" The custodian of Al-Uzza's temple told his pagan idol to become a Christian. Sure, I believe that. "When Khalid arrived he destroyed her and returned to the Apostle."

Tabari VIII:187 "'I have destroyed it.' he said to Muhammad. 'Did you see anything.' 'No.' 'Then.' Muhammad said, 'go back and kill her.' So Khalid returned to the idol. He destroyed her temple and broke her graven image. The shrine's keeper began saying, 'Rage, O Uzza, display one of your fits of rage.' Whereupon a naked, wailing Ethiopian woman came out before him. Khalid killed her and took the jewels that were on her. Then he went back to Allah's Messenger and gave him a report. 'That was Al-Uzza,' Muhammad said. 'Al-Uzza will never be worshiped again.'" Holy Rock of the Ka'aba! Why didn't somebody put this demented stone worshiper out of his misery? Khalid murdered the wrong idol. He should have slain Muhammad. Islam's lone prophet just confessed that the pagan rock idol Al-Uzza was a real live goddess - she was a naked African woman. It's unfathomable that Muslim militants blow innocents into oblivion based upon this man's testimony.

All bad things must eventually come to an end. Glory be to God. The 5th surah, is the last of a lousy lot. With it, the heavenly fraud was finished.

"The Feast" opens as one would expect from a doctrine named "submission." Qur'an 5:1 "Believers, fulfill obligations." Qur'an 5:2 "Believers, violate not the sanctity of the symbols of Allah [the Ka'aba, Crescent Moon, and Black Stone], nor of the sacred month [which Muhammad had violated to acquire Allah's symbols]...fear Allah: for Allah is severe in punishment." Muhammad's mantra never changed.

The Qur'an provides a long list of prohibitions. Qur'an 5:3 "Forbidden to you are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by being gored to death; that which hath been eaten by a wild animal... This day those who reject faith give up all hope of your religion. Yet fear them not, fear Me. This day I have perfected your religion and have chosen for you Submission as your religion." Putting the commentary on not eating dead animals aside, the change of voice from "fear Allah for Allah is severe," to "fear Me for I have perfected your religion" is revealing. At best, the shift suggests that the author wasn't skilled at his craft - something that would be inconsistent with God. At worst, it's another confession - Muhammad slipped into first person because he was Allah. And the only thing "perfected" on this day was Muhammad's claim to the Ka'aba. The only thing "religious" about any of this was the tyrant's use of dogma to subdue his people.

The next verse confirms what the Islamic clerics deny and what the American media ignores. Allah is the name of the Islamic god - it was never the Arabic word for "God." Qur'an 5:4 "Pronounce the Name of Allah: and fear Allah; for Allah is swift in reckoning." Every time you read the word "God" in an Associated Press article emanating from the Islamic world, know that they are unwittingly propagating this deception. Muslims have a perfectly good word for "god" and they use it with great regularity. They say, "There is no ilah but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger."

This deception is at the very core of Islam, and thus of Islamic terror. If Allah isn't Yahweh, the Qur'an is rubbish - it's a horrid job of plagiarizing, nothing more. If Allah isn't Yahweh, Muhammad was speaking on his own behalf - and for his own benefit - he could not have been among the line of Biblical prophets. If Allah isn't Yahweh, the god of Islam is fictitious - an impotent mirage. But knowing that most people are blissfully ignorant - unwilling to read or think for themselves - they'll never know that Allah is the inverse of Yahweh. So the ruse works.

Ritual is the substance of religion, the control mechanism for obedience, the "opiate of the people." Qur'an 5:6 "O you who believe, when you prepare for prayer, wash your faces and your hands to the elbows; Rub your heads; and (wash) your feet to the ankles. If you are in a state of sexual discharge, bathe your whole body. But if you are ill, on a journey, come from the privy, or have been in contact with women, and find no water, then take clean dirt and rub it on your faces and hands." But why bother to pray? The very same god that is ordering Muslims to rub dirt in their faces proclaimed: Qur'an 78:37 "None shall have power to argue with the Lord, none can converse with Him or address Him." If that is true, prayer is a waste of time. If it isn't true, then Allah is a liar, which makes him the wrong god to pray to. And lest I forget, Muhammad just said, "women are dirtier than dirt."

This may be the last surah, but there is no evidence Muhammad and Allah got better with practice. Qur'an 5:7 "Remember Allah's covenant which He ratified with you, when you said: 'We hear and we obey.' And fear Allah." The "covenant" which they "ratified" was a pledge of allegiance to Muhammad. This was another confession: Allah and Muhammad were one. This man created his god.

The personality Muhammad attributes to Allah was as ugly as his own. Qur'an 5:10 "Those who reject, disbelieve, and deny Our signs, proofs, verses, and lessons will be companions of Hell-Fire." Returning to familiar religious patter, Muhammad slipped again - Allah was now plural. Could it be that they were a team - partners? Might Allah be to Muhammad what Mickey Mouse was to Walt Disney - a means to fame and fortune? Or did Muhammad know the truth? Did he recognize what he sensed the night all of this began, "I fear that I have been possessed?"

In a desperate attempt to legitimize his counterfeit, Muhammad attempted to usurp Yahweh's authority. Whether deceived, delusional, or just dishonest, these erroneous claims are advanced to cast Allah as Yahweh and to authenticate Islam: Qur'an 5:12 "Indeed Allah made a covenant of old with the Children of Israel, and We appointed twelve captains among them. And Allah said: 'I am with you if you perform regular prayers [obligatory Islamic worship], pay the zakat tax with regularity [the zakat was from Qusayy, not Abraham], believe in My Messengers..." Muhammad is referring to himself, not knowing that Yahweh never used humans as "messengers." Angels are Yahweh's messengers; it's what the Hebrew word for "angel" means. Men were called to be rabbis (teachers), prophets, and priests. "...obey and support the Messengers [i.e., fight for them], and loan Allah a beautiful loan [Yahweh didn't need money, but Muhammad did to advance his war machine.], verily I will wipe out from your evils, and admit you to Gardens with rivers flowing; but if any of you, after this [message from Muhammad], resist, you have wandered astray.'" Not only did Muhammad falsely claim that his Islamic mantra was Jewish doctrine, his voice slipped back out of plural to singular (Our to My). He didn't get any better at this, even with practice. Further, the Biblical paradise isn't about rivers, and godly loans aren't equated to forgiveness.

To help us understand these verses, the Noble Qur'an adds: "The Jews were ordered in the Torah to follow Prophet Muhammad." It references Qur'an 7:157: "Those who follow the Messenger (Muhammad), the Prophet who can neither read nor write whom they find written in the Torah (Deuteronomy 18:15) and the Gospel (John 14:16); he commands them to Islam." We've been through this drill before. While Team Islam couldn't read, I can. And I assure you that no Arab was called a prophet, and no man was called a messenger. But he was right in a way. When the Bible spoke of Satan, it said that he would use prostration, taxation, terror, a new gospel, and a boastful false prophet to deceive mankind.

Since the Qur'an translators were kind enough to provide the alleged prophetic Torah and Gospel references, let's check them out. First, Deuteronomy 18:15 "Yahweh [therefore not Allah], your elohiym (deity) shall qum (raise up or ordain) for you a nabiy (man who speaks by inspiration, predicting and teaching) from the qereb (midst or heart) of you, from your awkh (brethren) [i.e., a Jew] like me. You shall shama (hear) him." That was a repudiation of Muhammad's claims, not a confirmation.

A better verse would have been the 18th, but only if taken out of context, as Moses is talking to his tribe - the priestly Levites - about the Messiah who would come from the tribe of Judah. "I will raise them up a nabiy (an inspired prophet and teacher) from their qereb (midst or heart) awkh (a brother) like me, and will nathan (ascribe) my dabar (advice, book, counsel) through his mouth; and he shall speak all I appoint for him. And if anyone fails to heed the words he speaks in my shem (name, character, and authority) I will call him to account. But the prophet who ziyd (presumptuously) debar (subdues (i.e., imposes submission or Islam)) and recites a book in my name which I have not commanded him to utter, or who speaks in the name of other elohiym (gods [like Allah]), that prophet shall die."

While the 15th and 18th verses referred to Yahshua the Messiah, not Muhammad the perverted pirate, the 22nd verse was prophetic of Allah's apostle and his presumptuous recital. But not in a positive way.

Team Islam claims John 14:16 contains the Gospel prediction of Muhammad's arrival. So that we don't err by taking Yahshua's words out of context, I'll begin with the 6th verse: "Iesous [ Strong's Concordance says "Iesous" was designed to replicate Yahshua or Yehoshua, Hebrew for savior. There was no "Y" in Greek.] said, 'I am [Yahweh means "I Am"] the hodos (way or route) and the truth, and the life; no one erchomai (appears before or accompanies) the Pater (Father), but through Me. [Therefore, not through Muhammad.] If you ginosko (know or understand) Me, you ginosko My Father also. You have horao (seen, experienced, beheld) Him.... He who has horao Me has horao the Father. [Yahshua is claiming that he is Yahweh in the flesh.] Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is Me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father meno (abiding or dwelling) in Me does His works. Pisteuo (trust in or rely upon) Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me; otherwise rely upon the account of the works themselves. [Yahshua performed countless miracles to confirm his deity.] Amen (This is trustworthy) what I say to you; he who pisteuo (trusts in and relies upon) Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I poreuomai (traverse, travel, or go) to the Father. And whatever you aiteo (ask, desire, or require) in My onoma (name, authority, or character), that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it. If you agapao (love in a moral sense) Me, you will tereo (keep an eye on) My entole (prescriptions).'"

That brings us to John 14:16: "And I will ask the Father, and He will didomi (give or bestow upon) you allos (a) Parakletos (Intercessor, Advocate, Comforter), that He may meno (abide, indwell, or be with) you aion (forever); that is the Pneuma (Holy Spirit) of Truth, whom the world cannot lambano (receive), because it does not theoreo (discern, experience, consider, or behold) Him or ginosko (know or understand) Him, but you ginosko Him because He meno (abides or dwells) with you, and will be in you. I will not leave you orphanos (bereaved, comfortless, or fatherless); I will erchomai (come back and enter) you. After a little while the world will see Me no more [He's predicting his crucifixion]; but you will theoreo (experience, behold, or look upon) Me; because I live [He's predicting his resurrection], you shall live also. [That's the Gospel: we get to live forever with Him because He sacrificed Himself as payment for our sins - the final solution.] In that day you shall know and understand that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you." The Spirit of the Messiah, Yahshua, is the Holy Spirit, which is Yahweh. They are three manifestations of the same thing, just as our height, width, and depth are three manifestations of our physical body. So, rather than predicting the arrival of an Arab terrorist who is long dead, Yahshua was promising us that his eternal spirit will reside in us. In all of the Bible, it's hard to imagine Islam picking verses more damaging to their claims.

Meanwhile, back in Medina, the mean, angry, intolerant, and racist false prophet behaved as the Bible predicted: Qur'an 5:13 "But because of their breach of their covenant We cursed them, and made their hearts grow hard. They change the words from their (right) places [the illiterate prophet pronounced] and forget and abandon a good part of the message that was sent them. Nor will you cease to find deceit in them." It's the time bomb of Islam: "They change the words from their (right) places and forget and abandon a good part of the message that was sent them." In another translation we find the god who breached the covenant of Hudaybiyah preaching: "And because of their breaking their covenant We have cursed them and made hard their hearts. They altered words from their context and they neglected a portion of the message they were reminded of." There is even ambiguity between the translations. The first was written in present tense as if the editing were ongoing. The second was written in past tense as if the alterations were history. So the bottom line is: Islam is clueless. Muhammad didn't know what changed, when it changed, or why it changed because it didn't change.

The Jews told Muhammad that his version of their Torah was preposterous. Christians had done the same with regards to his errant recasting of Yahshua. Both knew that Muhammad wasn't a prophet, that Allah wasn't Yahweh, and that the Qur'an didn't confirm the Judeo-Christian scriptures. This placed Muhammad in an impossible position. Every literate and godly person around was calling him a liar, his god a fraud, and his revelations fictitious.

The Qur'an was clear: Muhammad purchased Talmud stories from the Jews in Medina. When Muhammad "changed the words from their right places and forgot a good part of the message" they held him accountable. They mocked him, rejected him, and disbelieved him. This tormented him.

The Jews knew he hadn't received the surahs from Gabriel or from God. They held the receipts. This is why they had to be eliminated. The evidence, and the people who held it, had to be obliterated before they obliterated Islam. The Nadir and Qurayza were hunted down and slaughtered to keep you and me from knowing the truth. It is why Muhammad mustered the largest raids of his life against Christians.

Muhammad's claim is impossible to defend. The People of the Book, the Children of Israel, the Jews, could not have "changed the words from their right places and forgot a good part of the message" nor could they have "altered words from their context and neglected a portion of the message they were reminded of." Unaltered, unchanged, unforgotten, and rightly placed words scribed on scrolls comprising the Bible were discovered in Qumran dating back to 250 B.C., fully a thousand years before the oldest surviving Qur'an. On them we find Yahweh's name written 6,868 times and Allah's not even once. We find no reference to religion much less to the religion of Abraham, Adam, or Noah. Despite what Allah claims, Lot, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, and Solomon weren't Muslims. There is no mention of Mecca or the Ka'aba in the Scriptures, and yet stories of Jerusalem and the Temple abound.

It is absurd to believe that more than a thousand years before an illiterate megalomaniac, a perverted pedophile, a profiteering pirate, a bloodthirsty terrorist, emerged in Arabia that pious Jewish scribes purposely altered the whole of their scriptures just to foil him. The scope of their conspiracy would have had to have gone beyond millions of people plotting together to write Yahweh, Messiah, Jew, Jerusalem, and Temple into the written record and Allah, Muhammad, Muslim, Mecca, and the Ka'aba out - tens of thousands of times. All of Middle Eastern history, four thousand years of it, from Persia to Egypt, would have had to have been perverted, too, for the Bible to be as errant as the Qur'an requires it to be. Yet no scholar, historian, or archeologist has ever discovered any artifact to suggest that the Bible is in error. In fact, the opposite is true. Moreover, Yahweh's Ten Commandments and his message of choice, love, relationship, and atonement are nowhere to be found in Allah's mean spirited and immoral rant. So the Qur'an's central claim is impossible. That means Islam cannot possibly be true.

There is a reason Muhammad, Allah, the Qur'an, and Muslim scholars don't explain how, when, or why the Jews "altered words from their context and neglected part of the message." They can't because the Jews didn't

Some have said, "It doesn't matter what you believe, only that you believe. We all worship the same God and there are many paths to him." That's like saying that it doesn't matter if a bridge over a gorge will carry your weight, only that you believe it will." To say that we all worship the same God is to say that God is schizophrenic. He's so stupid, he can't remember his name or message. And how can opposite paths - "fear and obey" and "choose to love" - lead to the same place? It isn't tolerant to allow or encourage someone to risk his or her life on a bridge that is obviously faulty. Their faith will only get them killed. Faith in the wrong object is fatal.

Qur'an 5:14 "From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We made a covenant, but they forgot and abandoned a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, stirred up enmity and hatred among them to the Day of Doom. Soon will Allah show them the handiwork they have done." The Christian scriptures consist of the most prolifically and contemporaneously documented writings in all of antiquity. There are a thousand times more manuscript fragments, dating ten times closer to the events they describe, than there are for the second-best documented book - the Iliad by Homer. Further, the central message of the Gospels is salvation through the Messiah Yahshua's sacrifice on the cross - something Islam denies. Yahshua preached love, not fear; relationship, not jihad. The Gospel message is as different from the Qur'an as any two books ever written. To say that Allah delivered both messages makes Muhammad too stupid for words - or barring that, as deceitful as the Devil.

You'd think that after twenty-two years of making these things up, Muhammad would have come up with a more credible story. But at least the Bible and Qur'an have one thing in common - they are both focused on the Jews. Qur'an 5:15 "O People of the Book! There has come to you Our Apostle, revealing to you much that you used to hide in your Scripture, suppressing and passing over much. There has come to you from Allah a (new) light (Muhammad) and a clear Book [the Qur'an]." Although it's a detail, it warrants mentioning: not a word of this was written. The only man who tried had been murdered. The Qur'an wasn't a book - nor would it become one for quite some time. And even when it was finally committed to paper, it would be poorly written, plagiarized, contradictory, racist, immoral, demented, violent, out of chronological order, devoid of context, and inaccurate. Simply stated: it became the worst book ever written. It inspires the hellish behavior we have come to know as terrorism.

While he was in the mode of shooting himself in the foot, our charlatan said: Qur'an 5:17 "Verily they are disbelievers who say, 'The Messiah, son of Mary, is God.'" This verse condemns both Islam and Christians, but not in the same way. While many Jews question whether Yahshua is the Messiah, there is no question that the Messiah is God. The prophet Isaiah wrote these words about the Messiah six hundred years before he graced our presence: "For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor [the Holy Spirit], Mighty God [Yahweh], Everlasting Father [describes our relationship with Yahweh], Prince of Peace [Yahshua's sacrifice brings peace between a perfect God and sinful man]. He is eternal and will reign on David's throne [Jerusalem] and over his kingdom forever. Yahweh's passion and love will accomplish this." (Isaiah 9:6) By saying that "Jesus" was this Messiah, Muhammad condemned Islam, since Muhammad's message could not be different than, or superior to, God's.

So how does this verse condemn Christians, you ask? Simple. Muhammad had killed every Jew within reach, raided all of Central Arabia, and conquered Mecca. So he redefined his enemy. The "disbelievers" became "Christians." That means each verse that orders Muslims to kill "disbelievers" must now be interpreted as an order to murder "Christians."

Feeling his oats, in the second half of the 17th verse, Muhammad claims Allah told him to... "Say (O Muhammad): 'Who then has the least power against Allah, if His will were to destroy Christ, the Messiah, the son of Mary, his mother, and everyone else on the earth? A self-mutilating god hell-bent on total destruction - it's another Islamic first. But this one is significant. There is nothing Lucifer wants more than to "destroy Christ, the Messiah," for he represents the lone bridge between mankind and Yahweh. Should that bridge be destroyed, man would be eternally separated from his creator; Satan wins.

No smarter than the Black Stone which he had the audacity to say was his inspiration, Islam's lone troubadour teaches: Qur'an 5:18 "The Jews and the Christians say: 'We are sons of Allah, and his beloved.' Say: 'Why then does He punish you for your sins? Nay, you are but men. He forgives whom He wishes and punishes whom He pleases.'" Just like Satan, Muhammad was fixated on destroying his competition. Yet to do so he had to rebuke the very doctrines that provided the material for his Qur'an. But he couldn't even get his facts right. While the nature of the relationship between man and Yahweh according to the Gospel is father-son, Christians don't go so far as to say that we are Yahweh's biological sons - nor do Jews. Furthermore, and this may come as a surprise, Yahweh doesn't punish men and women for their sins. Sinners who have chosen not to accept his gift of eternal life, and who have chosen not to form a relationship with him, are kept separate, consistent with their choosing. That place of separation is called Hades or Hell. By definition, hell is where unsaved sinners are and where Yahweh is not. Therefore, God cannot punish sinners because he will be eternally separated from them. That's what damnation and foresaken mean.

Ignorance and arrogance are a deadly combination. This next verse proves Muhammad and his pal Lucifer suffered from both. Moses was a great leader and liberator, but he never considered himself a prophet. Yahweh prepared Moses for the job because he wanted the best-educated Jew on the planet to lead his people. Yahweh wanted to dictate his covenant and instructions to a literate man. Qur'an 5:20 "Remember, Moses said to his people: 'O my people! Call in remembrance the favor of Allah unto you, when He produced prophets among you and made you kings. [The first Jewish prophet wouldn't write and the first Jewish king wouldn't reign for another 400 years. Moses could not have said what Allah attributes to him. So this is another Qur'anic lie.] And He gave you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. O my people! Enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned unto you [and Muslims want to take from you], and turn not back, for surely you turn back as losers. You will be overthrown, ruined.'" How, pray tell, can Allah be God, Arabs be God's chosen people, Muhammad be God's favored messenger, and Mecca be sacred territory if Yahweh had Moses lead the Jews out of bondage and then ultimately into the "Holy Land" of Israel? Why not Arabia?

This should be a watershed moment for Muslims and those who coddle them in the misguided spirit of political correctness. If you have managed to ignore or justify the mountain of evidence confirming Muhammad's criminal and immoral past, now you have to commit intellectual suicide. Qur'an 5:20 is historically impossible, and thus untrue.

If the Qur'an never mentioned the Bible we would have to render our verdict against Islam based solely upon Allah's demented and delusional nature and Muhammad's grotesque behavior. But the Qur'an refers to the Bible, its patriarchs, and prophets several thousand times. The Qur'an says that the Torah, Psalms, and Gospels were given to Moses, David, and "Jesus" by Allah himself, and yet he can't even plagiarize them intelligently.

You can make several choices without committing intellectual suicide. You can choose to believe that there is no God, and that the universe, life, and DNA all spontaneously combusted in perfect order. You can believe that there might be a god, but that he is unknowable. That would make us a chemistry experiment with which he has grown bored. You can believe that Yahweh is God, and that he revealed himself in the Scriptures, through Yahshua, and by his spirit, as I do. But you cannot rationally believe that Allah, the dimwitted, delusional, and demented spirit depicted in the Qur'an is God.

Thus, Islam's religious credentials are bogus. Since Islam is spiritually bankrupt, the free peoples of the world are actually aiding and abetting murder when they allow an obviously false doctrine to continue poisoning millions of minds. It is a crime to write something that incites men to murder. Islam is criminal. Islam is illegal. Like Nazism, Islam is a scourge on humanity. Islam must be exposed, repudiated, and eliminated.

A dozen verses wallow in a polluted retelling of the Exodus and Cain-and-Abel stories as if one followed the other. They are interesting because they are plagiarized from the same book Muhammad just got through desecrating. (If you're curious, I cover the passage on page 53 of the Source Material appendix.) Then without an intelligible transition, we leave the Bible (actually the Mishnah Sanhedrin) and return to the central theme of the Qur'an. In his most pugnacious and inhuman utterance ever, the molested orphan orders Muslims to molest the world. Qur'an 5:33 "The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive after corruption, making mischief in the land [those who refuse to surrender to Islam] is murder, execution, crucifixion, the cutting off of hands and feet on opposite sides, or they should be imprisoned. That is their degradation and disgrace in this world. And a great torment of an awful doom awaits them in the hereafter."

Qur'an 5:33 is the most torturous verse ever issued in the name of religion. "Making mischief" - a war of words - is sufficient to warrant imprisonment, mutilation, assassination, and crucifixion. Those who reject Islam are to be humiliated and maimed - having their hands and feet cut off - so that they might be disgraced. And this is the last surah. These tortured words weren't abrogated. This is Muhammad's parting shot at the world that had tormented him. The 5th surah is Islam's legacy. And as a result, the Sudan, today's most fundamental Islamic nation, has murdered and mutilated two million Christians over the last fifteen years. Islam remains as Muhammad conceived it.

Muslim apologists argue that repentance prohibits these tortures and that Allah is, "Oft-Forgiving, Most-Merciful." Qur'an 5:34 "Except for those who repent (and become Muslims) before you overpower them and they fall into your control. In that case, know that Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." But consider the price. Consider the context. Repentance requires surrender to Islam, obedience to Muhammad, and the acceptance of his deity. That's why the King Fahd edition of The Noble Qur'an inserted the words "and become Muslims" inside the parenthesis. And capitulation only works if it's done prior to being "overpowered," or conquered by brute force. By ordering his followers to torture men, Allah became nothing more than a molesting thug. He became Muhammad.

Qur'an 5:33-34 provides a synopsis of Islam's message. Men are not persuaded into Islam; they are forced into submission. Allah began his final surah announcing he: "had chosen submission as man's religion." Now he is explaining the means he intends to use to impose his choice - terror! Execution, crucifixion, mutilation, and imprisonment are not intellectual or spiritual inducements.

This passage highlights why the real God hates religion. Evil men create perverse and deceitful doctrines to coerce capitulation - to excuse murder and mayhem. And they use religion to control men's lives so that cleric and king might prosper. All the while their coconspirator, Satan, uses religion to deceive mankind, separating us from our creator. The deception, death, and damnation of man is the Devil's life ambition.

Yahweh based his relationship with us on choice. We choose what to believe and in whom to trust. He recognized that love cannot be forced. Submission is the antithesis of the Scriptural message. One cannot love what one fears. (Biblically, the Hebrew " yare " means "revere" in reference to God, not fear.) Love cannot be seduced either, as a loving relationship is based upon open disclosure - truth, not deception. This is why Muhammad's cravings were never satisfied. In this regard, Yahweh and Allah could not be more different.

Qur'an 5:35 "Believers, fear Allah and seek the way to approach Him, striving hard [fighting Jihad] with all your might in His Cause [deception, death, and damnation] that you may be successful. As for the disbelievers [previously defined as Christians], if they had everything on earth, two times over, to give as ransom for the penalty of the Day of Doom, it would never be accepted from them. Theirs will be a painful torment. They will desire to get out of the fire, but they shall not be released from it. They shall have an everlasting punishment."

The 13th chapter of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians does a better job of explaining why Muhammad failed than any words I could ever write. It serves to expose how dissimilar Muhammad's recital was from Yahshua's Gospel. The opening line is even prophetic, as Muhammad, the boy who was unloved and never learned to love, claimed to have spoken for angels and to have received his message as a clanging bell: "If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong, a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I deliver my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing. Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous. Love does not brag and is not arrogant; it does not act unbecomingly. Love does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices in truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails."

Not fear, fighting, terror, or booty. Neither submission nor obedience. Not painful punishments nor hateful tirades. Love: nothing more, nothing less.

Returning to the Qur'an we discover that Allah prefers torture to love. And while civilized man had advanced three thousand years from the time Hammurabi's laws were first pressed into clay tablets, Allah prefers the Stone Age. Yet it's fitting; it's where his Black Stone belongs. Qur'an 5:37 "The [Christian] disbelievers will long to get out of the Fire, but never will they get out there from; and theirs will be an enduring torture." Qur'an 5:38 "And as to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example from Allah. Allah is Mighty, Wise [for a stone]. But if the thief repents after his crime, and amends his conduct, Allah turns to him in forgiveness." So, if you say you're sorry you can steal all you want.

Qur'an 5:41 "Messenger, let not those [rejecters and mockers] grieve you. They race each other into unbelief: among those who say 'We believ.' with their lips but whose hearts have no faith." Allah is rebuking the bad Muslims, who like bad Nazis, pretended to go along with the program to keep their heads attached. "Or it be among the Jews, men who will listen to any lie. They change the context of the words from their (right) times and places." Muhammad is once again projecting his faults onto the Jews. The Bible is the most historically accurate ancient document the world has ever known. Every story is set within the context of time and place. It is his Qur'an that has no "context" and is devoid of "times and places."

By way of example, I present the second half of the verse: "They say, 'If you are given this, take it, but if not, beware.' If anyone's temptation is intended by Allah's desires, you have no authority in the least for him against Allah. For such it is not Allah's will to purify their hearts. For them there is disgrace in this world, and in the Hereafter a heavy punishment." This is gibberish without context.

The most that can be deciphered from the verse is that Allah is once again acting like the Devil. Another translation reads: "Whomever Allah wants to deceive you cannot help." It goes on to say: "Allah does not want them to know the truth because he intends to disgrace them and then torture them." Lurking behind the veil of Islam is none other than Satan - the Adversary. While that might sound harsh and intolerant, it remains the only rational conclusion. The presentation of Allah's character and ambition in the Qur'an doesn't leave us any other choice. By prostrating themselves to Allah and fighting Jihad in Allah's Cause, Muslims have surrendered to Lucifer; they are doing the Devil's business. While the Qur'anic evidence is overwhelming, the prophet's Sunnah, or example, serves as proof. And the river of blood that has flowed from the mantra of the Black Stone serves as a harsh and vivid confirmation. It isn't by chance that good Muslims are 2000% more violent than the rest of us. It isn't by accident that terror and Islam are irrevocably and undeniably linked. It isn't a coincidence that Allah's enemies are Yahweh's chosen.

Muhammad, speaking of the Jews he had plundered, said on behalf of the spirit that possessed him: Qur'an 5:42 "They are fond of listening to falsehood, of devouring anything forbidden; they are greedy for illicit gain!" If ever a verse was guilty of projecting one's own faults upon a foe, this is it. It defines hypocrite.

The man/god went on to lie: Qur'an 5:44 "It was We who revealed the Torah (to Moses). By its standard the prophets judged the Jews, and the prophets bowed (in Islam) to Allah's will, surrendering. For the rabbis and priests: to them was entrusted the protection of Allah's Scripture Book, and they were witnesses of it. Therefore fear not men, but fear Me, and sell not My revelations for a miserable price." How do you suppose that a god who jumps between first and third person, who can't remember his name, or if he is singular or plural, could have revealed the Torah? And if he revealed it, why couldn't he protect it from change? More important, since Allah claims that his Qur'an was written before time began, and that it was his perfect revelation, why did he bother with the Torah? Moreover, if Allah was such a great and prolific "revealer," why did Muhammad have to buy his scripture "revelations for a miserable price?"

Continuing to prove his lack of divinity, Allah proclaims: Qur'an 5:46 "And in their footsteps We sent Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming the Law that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel: therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him: a guidance to those who fear Allah." God has to be smarter than I am. The universe is too complex and magnificent to have been formed by a nincompoop. The Gospels were written about Yahshua, not given to him. The first, Mark, was written twenty years after the resurrection. The last, John, was composed some thirty years later. And since the Gospel fulfills the Torah by confirming its prophecies, why does the Qur'an reject that fulfillment in its entirety, and why does it contradict its central message? It is as if the author of the Qur'an were ignorant of the Scriptures he was trying to plagiarize and condemn.

While I do not take my direction from the former Meccan moon god, the following advice is sound up to a point: Qur'an 5:47 "Let the people of the Gospel judge by what Allah has revealed therein. If any fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah has revealed, they are (no better than) those who rebel." If I were a Muslim, I would question why my god, who claims to have personally created "Jesus" by breathing his spirit into him, and then "given him the Gospel," knows nothing of him - or it. While I know why he is ignorant of such things, the paradox ought to trouble Muslims. (The answer: there were no Christians living in Medina from whom to purchase or purloin Gospel quotes.)

While I have shared many excerpts from the Scriptures in an effort to challenge the foolishness of the Qur'anic corruptions of them, I haven't had to delve into the Renewed Covenant in rebuttal simply because Muhammad didn't know it well enough to twist its accounts. His Gospel presentation was wholly his own. In one surah Muhammad makes up a story about Mary being adopted and attributes Mose.' father to her; in another he says that Jesus babbled in the cradle and was resurrected but not crucified. In the Hadith, he claims that the Messiah raised Ham and discussed the problem of poop in the Ark. Muhammad didn't plagiarize or twist these stories; he simply imagined them.

Qur'an 5:48 "To you [Christians] We sent the Scripture in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety: so judge between them by what Allah has revealed." Mission accomplished. We have judged between them and found Muhammad guilty of counterfeiting scripture. And to add insult to injury, he had his dimwitted deity say that he "sent the Scripture in truth...and guarded it safely." If that's true, the Gospel and the Qur'an should be the same, not polar opposites.

Fearing that he had made a fool of himself, Muhammad added a caveat after his second challenge. Qur'an 5:49 "And this (He commands): Judge between them by what Allah has revealed and follow not their [Christian] desires, but beware of them lest they beguile you, seducing you away from any of that which Allah hath sent down to you. And if they turn you away [from being Muslims], be assured that for their crime it is Allah's purpose to smite them. Truly most men are rebellious." This is a very strange passage since Allah claims he revealed the Christian Gospels. Yet in the same breath he tells Muslims not to follow the Christians who have based their faith on them. If Allah had revealed the Gospels, their message could not beguile and seduce Muslims away from Islam. So somebody isn't telling the truth.

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times... Qur'an 5:51 "Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends. They are but friends and protectors to each other." You'd think that Allah would occasionally get something right. But this is another ignorant mistake. Jews and Christians were antagonistic when this was "revealed," and they remained so for another thousand years. Qur'an 5:57 "Believers, take not for friends those who take your religion for a mockery or sport, a joke, whether among those who received the Scripture before you or among those who reject Faith; but fear Allah." In other words, don't hang out with rational people. This would be funny if they weren't killing us.

The Islamic god believes he turned Jews into apes and pigs. Qur'an 5:59 "Say: 'People of the Book! Do you disapprove of us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah, and the revelation that has come to us and that which came before.' Say: 'Shall I point out to you something much worse than this by the treatment it received from Allah? Those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom He transformed into apes and swine." A Jew must have said that a swine had made monkeys of men.

Qur'an 5:64 "The Jews say: 'Allah's hands are fettered.'" As do I. If Allah is Yahweh, why can't he do any of the miracles with which he so vividly demonstrated his power throughout the Bible? Have Allah's hands become fettered?

For a "new" religion, Islam sure seems fixated on old ones. And for a "tolerant" dogma, it's overly intent on condemning others. Muhammad protests: "Be their hands tied up and be they accursed for the blasphemy they utter. Nay, both His hands are widely outstretched, giving [Muslims Jewish booty] as He pleases. Amongst them we have placed enmity and hatred till the Day of Doom. Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah does extinguish it. But they strive to do mischief on earth." It had been 1,500 years since the Jews had fought offensively, and it would be nearly that long before they would fight again. Banished from the Promised Land by Assyrians, Babylonians, and most recently Romans, the Jews were just trying to survive, to get along. They were among the least "mischievous" people on the planet. It was Muhammad's militants who spiked the mischief scale. They had lied and looted in the process of "kindling the fires of war" seventy-five times in the first nine years of the Islamic Era.

Qur'an 5:65 "If only the People of the Book had believed, We should indeed have blotted out their evil deeds [of rejecting and mocking] and admitted them to the Gardens of Bliss." Not knowing enough to be lucid, Muhammad takes a lame swipe at assuaging his conscience by inferring that the plight of the Jews wasn't his fault. "If only they had observed the Torah, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed happiness from every side." While it's true Jews would have been "happier" if they had followed their Torah and accepted the Gospel, Allah makes a fool of himself by saying it because he repudiates the Torah, dismantling the Ten Commandments, and his prophet's behavior was the antithesis of the message proclaimed in the Gospels. As a result, the Jews were besieged on every side by the Islamic terrorists who, in the name of Allah, stole their homes and possessions, murdered their men, raped their women, and enslaved their children.

Goebbels proposed a theory which states: "If a lie were repeated often enough and long enough, it would come to be perceived as truth." It's true today; virtually everyone - Muslims, Christians, and Jews, political leaders, media spokespeople, and common folk - are befuddled by Islam. They view Qusayy's Ka'aba Inc. and Khadija's Profitable Prophet Plan as a religion. They think that it's peaceful and tolerant because other religions are peaceful and tolerant - it's innocence by association. They believe that Allah is God and that Islam is one of many paths to him. As a result, over a billion Muslims live in religious, economic, intellectual, and political poverty, and five billion others live in fear of them. Islamic terrorism runs amuck because Islam runs amuck. And Islam runs amuck because non-Muslims tolerate it.

Qur'an 5:67 "Messenger, deliver the (message) which has been sent to you from your Lord. If you do not, you will not have delivered His message. And Allah will protect you from people." The opening lines are too dumb for words, much less scripture. The last is too sinister to be believed. Why does Allah need to promise to protect his delivery boy? Is Muhammad a coward? Is he so insecure that mocking, ridicule, and rejection have overwhelmed him? Or is the messenger afraid that he who lives by spewing poison will die by being poisoned?

Ever the hypocrite, Allah's poison pen proclaims: Qur'an 5:68 "Say: 'O People of the Scripture Book! You have no ground to stand upon unless you observe the Taurat [Torah], the Injeel [Gospel], and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord [Muhammad's recitals].' It is the revelation [of the Qur'an] that comes to you from your Lord (Muhammad), is certain to increase their rebellion and blasphemy. But grieve you not over (these) unbelieving people." It's another Islamic first; Allah's scripture causes people to rebel against God. And the reason is that Muhammad never understood the Torah's place in the Hebrew Scriptures or the Gospel's role in the Christian Bible, much less their relationship one to the other.

Calling Allah "God" was blasphemy of the first order, but for rebellion, consider this: from the dawn of recorded history (2500 B.C.) to the creation of Islam (620 A.D.) Arabs were among the freest, most self-reliant, tolerant, and least warlike people on earth. There is no record of them conquering or looting neighboring nations. Then everything changed. In the first ten years of the Islamic Era, under the leadership of Muhammad, they initiated scores of terrorist campaigns - pillaging their way to infamy. The following year, Abu Bakr's War of Compulsion forever sealed their fate. He forced every Arab into submission. They lost their freedom, self-reliance, tolerance, and peaceable nature forever. Over the next six years, Arabs - now Muslims - fought six bloody crusades conquering what is today Yemen, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. They would go on wielding swords over the necks of civilized people from Spain to India. Their victims were always given three choices: surrender and capitulate (accept Islam and pay the zakat tax); surrender and pay the jizyah protection tax in humility; or die. Islam was the sole impetus for the "increase in rebellion." And lest we forget, the collection of spoils and taxes was the motivation. So I challenge you - even dare you - to explain this change of heart any other way.

Muslims take this next verse out of context and use it to promote Islam as peaceful and tolerant. Qur'an 5:69 "Those who believe (in the Qur'an), those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures), and the Sabians and the Christians - whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, and does right - on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam says of the Sabians: "A people named in the Qur'an along with Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians (Qur'an 22:17), as having a religion revealed by Allah.... They were Hellenistic pagans with roots to the ancient Babylonian religions." Therefore, since the Sabians worshiped the Greek gods and followed the occult practices of Babylon, it would make Allah Satan if he revealed their religion.

Returning to the core of the verse we discover that by including the "whoever believes in Allah" segment between the dashes - Muhammad dashed any semblance of tolerance. Muslims were the first believers listed, thus the dashed portion was established to require Islamic submission from the others to qualify for "no fear or grief." Additionally, in context, this verse contradicts any notion of Islamic tolerance. The previous verse said that Jews were blasphemers. Ten verses earlier they were called "apes and swine." And throughout, Christians have been defined as "disbelievers," thus evoking the wrath of the 8th and 9th surahs - the Qur'an's War Manifestos.

Before we press on, I'd like you to consider the 98th surah - one revealed about this same time. Allah said Christianity and Judaism were "false religions." Qur'an 98:1 "Those among the People of the Book, who disbelieve and are idolaters [making Christians and Jews pagans], would never have been freed from their false religion if the Clear Proofs had not come to them. An Apostle of Allah came reading out of hallowed pages, containing firm decrees.... They were commanded to serve Allah exclusively, fulfilling their devotional obligations, and paying the zakat. Surely the unbelievers and idolaters from the People of the Book will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures."

So I pose this question to the world's cadre of Islamic scholars: if Qur'an 5:69 is testimony to Islamic tolerance, why does Qur'an 98:1 contradict it? Further, if Allah was Yahweh, why isn't there an order for fighting in his cause, for paying the zakat tax, for observing holy months, for performing devotional obligations, for Ramadhan fasting, or for participating in the hajj pilgrimage in the Ten Commandments? And while we are on the subject of Exodus 20, most everything Muhammad did violated Yahweh's commands. How could that be if the Qur'an confirmed the Torah? How can Judeo-Christianity be a false religion if Allah revealed it and then confirmed it?

Preoccupied with the Jews, the Arab god attacks them again: Qur'an 5:70 "We took a solemn pledge from the Children of Israel and sent messengers to them; but every time a messenger came bringing something that did not suit their mood - they called one an impostor, another they slew. They imagined that there would be no trial (or punishment); so they became willfully blind and deaf." Muhammad is inferring that the Jews called him an "imposter" and that they "slew" the Messiah. But that's a problem for Islam because the Qur'an claims "Jesus" wasn't killed and history confirms that while he was crucified, the Jews didn't do it.

These next two verses, combined with Qur'an 5:17 and 98:1, condemn Christians to endure the cutting edge of Islamic terror - forever. Throughout the Qur'an's most violent surahs (4, 5, 8, 9, 33, 47, 48, 59, 60, and 61) Muhammad used the words "infidel," "unbeliever," and "disbeliever" to describe his enemy. Then in the 5th surah, the prophet defined his terms. "Infidels, unbelievers, and disbelievers" become Christians; and thus they inherited the legacy of Islam's sword.

While it was ingenious and efficient, it was also transparent and immoral. Muhammad had robbed, enslaved, and killed every significant Jewish settlement in Arabia. After enduring ten years of terror, the Quraysh had surrendered, as had most every Arab town within Islam's reach. There was nothing left to steal. But having turned self-sufficient and peaceful men into bloodthirsty pirates, Muhammad needed a new enemy.

So... Qur'an 5:72 "They are surely infidels who blaspheme and say: 'God is Christ, the Messiah, the son of Mary.' But the Messiah only said: 'O Children of Israel! Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.'" Now that the Qur'an has brought the 14th chapter of John's Gospel to our attention, we know that Yahshua, the Messiah, claimed that he was God. Thus Allah is doing what he does best: lie. "Lo! Whoever joins other gods with Allah or says He has a partner, Allah has forbidden Paradise, and the Hell Fire will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help." Qur'an 5:73 "They are surely disbelievers who blaspheme and say: 'God is one of three in the Trinity for there is no ilah (god) except One, Allah. If they desist not from saying this (blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall them - the disbelievers will suffer a painful doom."

With that said, "Christian" must now be substituted for "infidel" and "disbeliever" in every verse commanding Muslims to fight, kill, terrorize, plunder, or enslave. "Must" because of Qur'anic abrogation. Qur'an 2:106 proclaims: "Whenever We cancel a verse or throw it into oblivion, We bring one which is better." The 5th surah was the last handed down and thus its commands and definitions abrogate all others. The result is as clear as the skies over New York at 8:45 A.M. E.D.T., the 11th of September 2001. I'm sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but this is why Muslims kill Americans. They believe we are Christians.

The prophet-less profit, the miracle-less apostle, the illiterate messenger of "scripture" (Latin for writing) felt the need to disparage the Messiah and his mission once more. Qur'an 5:75 "The Messiah, Christ, the son of Mary, was no more than a messenger; many were the messengers that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had to eat their food. See how Allah does make His signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded!" Speaking of deluded, the Qur'an previously revealed that "Jesus" didn't "pass away." We were told that Allah raised him. Qur'an 4:157 "'We [Jews] killed the Messiah, Jesus.' but they killed him not, nor crucified him. It appeared so to them (as the resemblance of Jesus was put over another man and they killed that man). Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself. Those who differ with this version are full of doubts. They have no knowledge and follow nothing but conjecture. For surely they killed him not."

The impotent Islamic god had the nerve to grumble: Qur'an 5:76 "Say: 'Will you serve something which has no power either to harm or benefit you?" This is followed by something that, considering the context of the Islamic Hadith, may be the most hypocritical statement yet spoken. Qur'an 5:77 "Say (Muhammad): 'People of the Book! Exceed not in your religion the bounds of what is proper, trespassing beyond truth, nor follow the vain desires of people who erred in times gone by, who led many astray."

Rotten to the bitter end, the Qur'an protests: Qur'an 5:78 "Curses were pronounced on the unbelievers, the Children of Israel who rejected Islam, by the tongues of David and of Jesus because they disobeyed and rebelled." Qur'an 5:80 "You see many of them allying themselves with the Unbelievers [other translations read: "Infidels"]. Vile indeed are their souls. Allah's wrath is on them, and in torment will they abide." Qur'an 5:81 "If only they had believed in Allah, in the Prophet, and in what had been revealed to him." Qur'an 5:82 "You will find the Jews and disbelievers [defined as Christians in 5:73] the most vehement in hatred for the Muslims." Not only are Jews and Christians "vile" according to Allah and thus destined for eternal torment, their leaders, "David and Jesus" will be the ones cursing them. Weird.

The last half of the 82nd verse concludes with these contradictory words. It's as if Muhammad hadn't been listening to his own vitriolic diatribe. "And nearest among them in affection to the Believers will you find those who say, 'We are Christians,' because amongst these are priests and monks, men devoted to learning who have renounced the world, and are not arrogant." I can almost hear the False Prophet of Revelation fame, the Pontiff of the one-world religious order that sweeps the globe during the last days, quoting this verse (out of context, of course).

And how, pray tell, can Christians be "nearest in affection to the Believers" if: Qur'an 5:51 "Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends. They are friends to each other. He who befriends them becomes (one) of them. Lo! Allah guides not wrongdoing folk?" Or how do priests and monks "renounce the world" if: Qur'an 9:34 "Believers, there are indeed many among the priests who in falsehood devour the wealth of mankind and wantonly debar (men) from the way of Allah. They who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in Allah's Cause, unto them give tidings of a painful doom?"

Still speaking of Christians - the people he had gleefully called vile and condemned to hell, the schizophrenic god lies: Qur'an 5:83 "And when they listen to the revelation received by this Messenger, you will see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth. They pray: 'Our Lord! We believe. Write us down among the witnesses." I didn't think they had hallucinogenic drugs back then, but somebody must have spiked the water. In this very same surah, we were told: Qur'an 5:14 "From those who call themselves Christians, We made a covenant, but they forgot and abandoned a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, stirred up enmity and hatred among them to the Day of Doom. Soon will Allah show them the handiwork they have done." Team Islam is very confused.

Qur'an 5:84 "'What reason can we [Christians] have not to believe in Allah and the truth which has come to us, seeing that we long for our Lord to admit us to the company of the good people?'" I'll take a stab at that one. Good Muslims are killing Christians because their messenger and his god commanded them to wipe them out to the last. The Qur'an denies Yahshua's entire mission, his sacrifice, and deity. Then there's the fact that Muhammad was a rotten scoundrel. Qur'an 5:86 "But those who reject Islam and are disbelievers, denying our Signs and Revelations - they shall be the owners of the Hell Fire." Hey, at least Muhammad's Muslims won't steal everything from the Christians.

Coming from a man whose father was spared by divination of arrows, a man who cast lots to determine which wife would accompany him on terrorist raids, one who kissed and fondled a Stone, and one who claimed that the rivers of paradise flowed with wine, this verse is entertaining. Qur'an 5:90 "Believers! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination. They are Satan's handwork. Shun such (abomination) that you may prosper. Satan's plan is to excite hostility and hatred between you with wine and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah, and devotional obligations." Therefore, Allah must be Satan since he's responsible for making the "rivers of paradise flow with wine." Allah must be Satan since his Qur'an "excites hostility and hatred." Allah must be Satan since young Muslim boys are commanded to buy into the unholiest of bargains - gambling their lives away by betting on martyrdom. Allah, the Black Stone, must be Satan since the "dedication of stones" is Satanic.

To hell with truth, Islam was about obedience. Qur'an 5:92 "Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and beware!" And Islam was about war: Qur'an 5:94 "Believers, Allah will make a test for you in the form of a little game in which you reach out your hands for your lances that He may know who fears. Any who fails this test will have a grievous penalty, a painful punishment." According to Allah, suicide bombers aren't terrorists; they are just boys playing "games." And Allah's final test for determining salvation or damnation is based upon whether men reach for their lances.

While this verse starts off benign, listen to how it ends. Qur'an 5:95 "Believers! Kill not game while in the sacred precincts or in pilgrim garb. If any of you do so intentionally, the compensation is an offering, brought to the Ka'aba, of a domestic animal equivalent to the one he killed...that he may taste the penalty of his deed. Allah forgives what is past: for repetition Allah will exact a penalty. For Allah is the Lord of Retribution."

Forgetting for a moment that Adam and Abraham are both credited with making the Ka'aba, how can there be asylum during the "Sacred Months" when Muhammad launched his conquest of the Ka'aba during Ramadhan and proceeded to assassinate a dozen or more souls hiding behind its covers? Qur'an 5:97 "Allah made the Ka'aba, the Sacred House, an asylum of security for men, as also the Sacred Months...." Qur'an 5:98 "Know you that Allah is severe in punishment and that Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." Since by definition a hypocrite is one who says one thing and does another, Allah has just defined himself. And guess what? He's exactly like Muhammad.

This next passage opens with dialog beneath Sesame Street. Qur'an 5:100 "Say: 'Not equal are things that are bad and things that are good, even though there is an abundance of bad to dazzle, please, and attract you; so be careful and fear Allah, O you who understand (so) you may prosper.'" Muslims "prosper" according to Allah because "booty is lawful and good." (8:69)

There are two Qur'anic verses in particular that condemn Muslims to live in religious, economic, intellectual, and civil poverty. One says: Qur'an 4:89 "If they turn back from Islam, becoming renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them." The other commands: Qur'an 5:101 "Believers! Do not ask questions about things which if made plain and declared to you, may vex you, causing you trouble." Qur'an 5:102 "Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account they lost their faith and became disbelievers." It's true; the Qur'an is so incomprehensible, so obviously fraudulent, so mean spirited, anyone who even questions it loses their faith. So we need to give Muslims the freedom to ask questions and to make choices.

Questioning minds will reject the Qur'an because it says things like this: Qur'an 5:104 "When it is said to them: 'Come to what Allah has revealed; come to the Messenger.' They say: 'Enough for us are the ways we found our fathers following.' What! Even though their fathers were void of knowledge and guidance?" Qusayy founded the religious scam that Muhammad promoted as Islam. How could he have been void of guidance if Allah was his god, the Ka'aba was his shrine, the hajj and umrah were his pilgrimages, the prostration, fasts, and the sacred months were his rituals, the zakat tax his means, and holy war his method?

But there was a man without knowledge. His name was Muhammad. Qur'an 5:109 "One day Allah will gather the messengers together, and ask: 'What was the response you received (from men to your teaching)?' They will say: 'We have no knowledge.'" So all of Allah's messengers will be called together and they will say that they know nothing.

The same surah that says: "Disbelievers are those who say that God is the third in the Trinity,'" now proclaims: Qur'an 5:110 "And God will say: 'O Jesus! Recount My favor to you and to your mother. Behold! I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit so that you spoke to the people in the cradle and in the prime of life.'" That's the Trinity: God (Yahweh), Jesus (Yahshua), and the Holy Spirit (Yahweh's/Yahshua's Spirit). So I guess that makes the Islamic god a disbeliever. Can't say that I blame him.

"Behold! I taught you the law and the judgment, the Torah and the Gospel." Actually, Yahweh revealed the Torah, the Gospels are the good news of freedom from judgment, and they were written about him, not taught to him. But even Babe Ruth struck out sometimes.

Not finished swinging wildly away, Allah quotes an obscure and irrelevant story from an Egyptian text falsely attributed to Thomas. "And behold, you made out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird and you breathed into it and it became a bird by My permission." Trivia aside, Muhammad knew that his god had an embarrassing problem - one he didn't want to talk about - impotence. He couldn't do a miracle. So to help his god out, Muhammad claimed that the Messiah's miracles were really performed by Allah. "And you healed those born blind by My permission and the lepers by My permission. And behold! You raised forth the dead by My permission." Muhammad not only stole Jewish scripture, possessions, homes, property, wives, and children; he stole their miracles, too.

But that was enough. He wanted nothing to do with Yahshua's sacrifice. According to the Qur'an, that crucifixion thing never happened. "And behold! I did restrain the Children of Israel from harming you when you came with clear proofs." Then to make the Messiah's situation somewhat analogous to his own, Muhammad said: "And the unbelievers among the Jews said: 'This is nothing but pure magic.'"

Delusional to the last breath, Allah claims that the Messiah's disciples were Muslims. I wonder why they didn't say so? Qur'an 5:111 "And behold! I inspired the disciples to have faith in Me and My Messenger. They said, 'We are Believers, and bear witness that we prostrate ourselves to Allah as Muslims.'" Surely you jest.

After claiming credit for Yahshua's best miracles, Allah says that miracles aren't what they're cracked up to be. Qur'an 5:112 "Behold! The disciples, said: 'O Jesus, can your Lord send down to us a table well laid out from heaven.' Said Jesus: 'Fear Allah, if you have faith.'" In other words, "No." "When the disciples said: 'O Jesus, son of Mary, is your Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven.' He said: "Observe your duty to Allah, if you are true believers.'" No miracles for you.

Since the Qur'an claims the Messiah performed miracles, this is senseless: Qur'an 5:113 "They said: 'We only wish to eat thereof to satisfy our hearts, and to know you have told us the truth. We want to witness a miracle.' Said Jesus, the son of Mary: 'O Allah our Lord! Send us from heaven a table well laid out, that there may be a feast, a Sign from you."

Ever in character Allah promises and threatens: Qur'an 5:115 "Allah said: 'I am going to send it down unto you, but if any of you after that disbelieves, resisting Faith [Islam], I will punish him with a torment such as I have not inflicted on any of my creatures, man or jinn.'" The "Feast" for which this surah is named was never described or even mentioned again. Which means it never happened. But, just three verses from the Qur'an's parting salvo Allah tells Christians "I will punish them with a torment such as I have not inflicted on any of my creatures." Pain and punishment, thievery and terror, savagery and slavery, these are the things at which Allah excels. In that regard, nothing has changed. Twenty-two years earlier, the first Qur'an revelations were demonic to a fault, fixated on hellish tortures. One hundred and fourteen surahs later, we haven't progressed very far. We are still mired in the realm of doom and damnation.

As you know by now Muhammad was easily confused. Even the Qur'an said that those around him claimed, "He was all ear and believes everything he hears." Well, he must have heard some Catholic say a "Hail Mary" and came to the conclusion that Christians believed she was a goddess. Qur'an 5:116 "And behold! Allah will say: 'O Jesus, the son of Mary! Did you say unto men, worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allah.' He will say: 'Glory to You! Never could I utter what I had no right.'" Wouldn't you know, the man who fancied himself the Messiah, finished his recital uttering what he had no right.

The second to last verse remains focused on Yahshua, converting him into a Muslim: Qur'an 5:117 "I only said what You (Allah) commanded me to say: Worship Allah, my lord and your Lord." Then, without benefit of the crucifixion, Yahshua was resurrected: "I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them but you took me up." The Noble Qur'an goes on to say: "This is a great admonition and warning to the Christians of the whole world." So Islamic salvation is capricious and based upon "god's" whim, not man's choice: Qur'an 5:118 "If You punish them, they are Your slaves. If You forgive them, you are the All-Mighty."

Having damned Christians and Jews, having condemned their Scripture, having ordered Muslims to murder and mutilate them, and having converted David and Jesus to Islam, the Qur'an's final verse explained what motivated Muhammad to perpetrate Islam in the first place: Qur'an 5:119 "Allah will say: This is the day on which the Muslims will profit from Islam..."

Since Islam began by corrupting the Bible, I'd like to give Yahweh the last word: "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?" (Mark 8:36)

Now that we have read Allah's war manifesto - the Qur'an - it's time to read Muhammad's. Islam's most respected collector of Hadith entitles the prophet's terrorist dogma: "Fighting In Allah's Cause - Jihad." The first Hadith says it all: Bukhari:V4B52N44 "A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, 'Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad in reward.' He replied, 'I do not find such a deed.'" If the best thing a Muslim can do is fight Jihad in Allah's Cause then Islam is the inverse of peaceful. It is a call to war. Maybe somebody should tell the Associated Press - or the White House. The Hadith goes on to define Jihad as "Muslim fighting." It claims Jihad is better than obligatory religious ritual. "Can you, while the Muslim fighter has gone out for Jihad, enter a mosque to perform prayers without ceasing and fast forever?' The man said, 'No one can do that.'" So Jihad reigns supreme.

Bukhari:V4B52N46 "I heard Allah's Apostle saying, 'The example of a Mujahid [Muslim fighter] in Allah's Cause - and Allah knows best who really strives in His Cause - is like a person who fasts and prays without ever stopping. Allah guarantees that He will admit the Mujahid in His Cause into Paradise if he is killed, otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards and war booty.'" Not only is fighting better than prayer and fasting, jihad is a win-win game. If you die, you get heavenly booty. If you live, you get earthly booty. With a religion like this, who needs Billy Graham?

Bukhari:V4B52N50 "The Prophet said, 'A single endeavor of fighting in Allah's Cause is better than the world and whatever is in it.'" Jihad, therefore, is more important than all of the Five Pillars of Islam combined. It's why Muslims are terrorists.

The Qur'an issued its first order to fight Jihad in the 190th verse of the 2nd surah. The translators of the Noble Qur'an wanted to make certain Muslims understood what "Fighting in the Way of Allah" meant. So they provided this definition which is derived entirely from the Qur'an and Sunnah: "Jihad is holy fighting in Allah's Cause with full force of numbers and weaponry. It is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars. By Jihad Islam is established, Allah's Word is made superior (which means only Allah has the right to be worshiped), and Islam is propagated. By abandoning Jihad Islam is destroyed and Muslims fall into an inferior position; their honor is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim. He who tries to escape from this duty, or does not fulfill this duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite."

Bukhari:V4B52N63 "A man whose face was covered with an iron mask of armor came to the Prophet and said, 'Allah's Apostle! Shall I fight or embrace Islam first.' The Prophet said, 'Embrace Islam first and then fight.' So he embraced Islam and was martyred. Allah's Apostle said, 'A Little work, but a great reward.'" Even Muhammad agrees: there is a causal relationship between Islam and terror. One leads to the other.

Bukhari:V4B52N65 "A man came to the Prophet and asked, 'A man fights for war booty; another fights for fame and a third fights for showing off; which of them fights in Allah's Cause.' The Prophet said, 'He who fights that Allah's Word, Islam, should be superior, fights in Allah's Cause.'" Muhammad just defined Jihad as Holy War. And he declared it on all non-Muslims.

The motivation for martyrdom has always been as shocking as a suicide bomber's belt. Bukhari:V4B52N53 "The Prophet said, 'Nobody who dies and finds Paradise would wish to come back to this life even if he were given the whole world and whatever is in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the superiority of martyrdom, would like to come back to get killed again in Allah's Cause.'" Bukhari:V4B52N54 "The Prophet said, 'Were it not for the believers who do not want to be without me, I would always go forth in army-units setting out for Jihad. I would love to be martyred in Allah's Cause and then get resurrected and get martyred again only to be resurrected so that I could get martyred again.'" But like the Islamic clerics today, Muhammad sent others out to fight. You never see an Islamic cleric strap on one of the bombs they beguile others to wear. So what I want to know is this: why don't suicide bombers ask their imams, "If this is such a great idea, why aren't you doing it?"

Bukhari:V4B52N216 "Allah's Apostle said, 'Were it not for fear it would be difficult for my followers, I would not have remained behind any army units. But I don't have riding camels and have no other means of conveyance. No doubt I wish I could fight in Allah's Cause and be martyred and come to life to be martyred again.'" The prophet would have fought nonstop jihad if only he had a riding camel? Bukhari:V4B52N231 "Allah's Apostle came to Mecca the day of the Conquest riding his she-camel on which Usama was riding behind him." Methinks he was a liar, and a coward to boot. Bullies usually are.

Bukhari:V4B52N59 "Allah's Apostle said, 'By Him in Whose Hands my soul is! Whoever is wounded in Allah's Cause...and Allah knows well who gets wounded in His Cause...will come with his wound having the color of blood but the scent of musk.'" Sexy blood, only from the mind of Muhammad. And how, pray tell, can "Allah's Cause" be a "spiritual struggle" if one is "wounded and bleeds?"

Bukhari:V4B52N45 "Someone asked, 'Allah's Apostle, who is the best among the people.' He replied, 'A believer who strives his utmost in Allah's Cause with his life and property.'" ...said the Imam to the suicide bomber.

Bukhari:V4B52N48 "The people said, 'Allah's Apostle! Acquaint the people with the good news.' He said, 'Paradise has one hundred grades which Allah has reserved for the Mujahidin who fight in His Cause. The distance between each grade is like the distance between the Heaven and the Earth.'" This is where the Islamic establishment concocted the idea that if there were multiple virgins for the garden-variety suicide bomber, there must be at least seventy for the really excellent ones.

Bukhari:V4B52N311 "Allah's Apostle said, 'There is no migration after the Conquest of Mecca, but only Jihad. When you are called by the Muslim ruler for Jihad fighting, you should go forth immediately, responding to the call.'" Calls for jihad echo off the walls of Muslim mosques to this day for in Islam there is "only Jihad."

Bukhari:V4B52N66 "Allah's Apostle said, 'Anyone whose feet get covered with dust in Allah's Cause will not be touched by the Hell Fire.'" Jihad dust is a hell-preserver.

Bukhari:V4B52N137 "The Prophet said, 'Let the slave perish.... Paradise is for him who holds the reins of his horse to strive in Allah's Cause with his hair unkempt and feet covered with dust. If he is appointed in the front line, he is perfectly satisfied with his post, and if he is appointed in the rear, he accepts it.'" Jihad dust is the stuff of destiny.

And I suppose that is why angels are dusty... Bukhari:V4B52N68 "When Allah's Apostle returned from the battle of the Trench, he put down his arms and took a bath. Then Gabriel whose head was covered with dust, came to him saying, 'You have put down your arms! By Allah, I have not put down my arms yet.' Allah's Apostle said, 'Where to go now.' Gabriel said, 'This way.' pointing towards the tribe of Qurayza. So Allah's Apostle went out towards them." This is why the Qur'an tells us that the Islamicized Gabriel (better known as Lucifer) was the enemy of the Jews. (2:97)

Bukhari:V4B52N280 "When the Qurayza were ready to accept Sa'd's judgment, the Apostle sent for him. Sa'd proclaimed, 'I give the judgment that their men should be killed and their children and women should be taken as prisoners.' The Prophet remarked, 'O Sa'd. You have judged them with the judgment of King Allah.'" And Muslims slaughtered 1,000 Jews in genocidal rage; they raped their women, and sold every child into slavery.

Bukhari:V4B51N47 "'What causes you to smile, O Allah's Apostle?' He said, 'Some of my followers who in a dream were presented to me as fighters in Allah's Cause on board a ship amidst the sea caused me to smile.'" Allah's Cause made the profiteer money. And boatloads of money made him smile.

Bukhari:V4B51N72 "Our Prophet told us about the message of our Lord: 'Whoever amongst us is killed will go to Paradise.' Umar asked the Prophet, 'Is it not true that our men who are killed will go to Paradise and the Pagan's will go to the Hell Fire.' The Prophet said, 'Yes.'" And they believed him. Pity.

Bukhari:V4B51N73 "Allah's Apostle said, 'Know that Paradise is under the shade of swords.'" Well, his is, anyway.

Although this begins like the setup to a joke, it isn't funny. Bukhari:V4B52N80 "Muhammad said, 'Allah welcomes two men with a smile; one of whom kills the other and both of them enter Paradise. One fights in Allah's Cause and gets killed. Later on Allah forgives the killer who also get martyred in Allah's Cause.'"

Bukhari:V4B52N282 "Allah's Apostle said, 'Five are regarded as martyrs: They are those who die because of plague, abdominal disease, drowning, a falling building, and the martyrs in Allah's Cause.'" What would possess a man to say such a thing? Or why ask someone to scribble this down on a bone... Bukhari:V4B52N284-5 "When the Divine Inspiration [Qur'an surah]: 'Those of the believers who sit at home.' was revealed, the Prophet sent for Zaid who came with a shoulder blade and wrote on it. Zaid said, 'Maktum came to the Prophet while he was dictating the verse. Maktum said, "O Allah's Apostle! If I were able, I would take part in Jihad. He was a blind man. So Allah sent down revelation to His Apostle while his thigh was on mine. It became so heavy that I feared that my leg would be broken. But the Prophet's state was over after Allah revealed "...except those who are disabled, blind, or lame."'" It was Muhammad's greatest miracle. He made blind men lame and disabled billions more.

Bukhari:V4B52N287 "The Emigrants and the Ansar said, 'We are those who have given a pledge of allegiance to Muhammad that we will carry on Jihad as long as we live.'"

Bukhari:V4B52N94 "The Prophet said, 'Whoever spends two things in Allah's Cause [his life and his wealth], will be called by all the gatekeepers of Paradise. They will say, "O so-and-so! Come here..' Abu Bakr said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Such persons will never be destroyed.' The Prophet said, 'I hope you will be one of them.'" Without dying a martyr, Muhammad couldn't even guarantee his most loyal comrade, his father-in-law, and future Caliph a ticket to Allah's brothel. No wonder Muslims are willing to kill to get in. I only wish they knew that the Islamic paradise was full.

Bakr's little girl confirmed that her hubby was a passionate Jihadist. Bukhari:V4B52N130 "Aisha said, 'Whenever the Prophet intended to proceed on a raid he used to draw lots amongst his wives and would take the one upon whom the lot fell. Once, before setting out for Jihad, he drew lots and it fell on me; so I went with him." While it's contradictory, the lone "peaceful" Jihad Hadith says: Bukhari:V4B52N43 "Aisha said, 'O Apostle! We consider Jihad as the best deed. Should we not fight in Allah's Cause.' He said, 'The best Jihad for women is the Hajj done as I have done it.'"

Other girls confirmed that they served Islam's leading terrorist: Bukhari:V4B52N134 "We used to take part in holy battles with the Prophet, providing his fighters with water and bringing the killed and the wounded back to Medina." If he were alive today, Muhammad would be a leader of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or al-Qaeda.

Bukhari:V4B52N175 "He heard the Prophet saying, 'Paradise is granted to the first batch of my followers who will undertake a naval expedition.' The Prophet then said, 'The first army amongst my followers who will invade Caesar's City will be forgiven their sins.'" It was quite a bargain. You bring me booty and I will give you paradise.

Bukhari:V4B52N178-9 "The Prophet said, 'One of the portents of the Hour is that you will fight with people wearing shoes made of hair. And you will fight the Turks, a broad-faced people with small eyes, red faces, and flat noses. Their faces will look like shields coated with leather.'" That sounds more racist than religious.

The Ku Klux Klan has nothing on these boys. Bukhari:V4B52N182-4 "Allah's Apostle invoked evil upon the infidels, saying, 'O Allah! The revealer of the Holy Book, defeat these people and shake them. Fill the infidels' houses and graves with fire as they busied us so that we did not perform the prayer until sunset.'" With words like these, it's easy to see why Islam has caused so much death and destruction.

Bukhari:V4B52N259 "Allah's Apostle sent us on a mission as a army unit and said, 'If you find so-and-so and so-and-so, burn both of them with fire.' When we intended to depart, Allah's Apostle said, 'I have ordered you to burn so-and-so and so-and-so, but only Allah punishes with fire, so, if you find them, kill them.'" The Muhammad-Allah combo continue to do a great Satan impersonation.

Bukhari:V1B11N617 "Allah's Apostle said, 'I would order someone to collect firewood and another to lead the prayer. Then I would go from behind and burn the houses of men who did not present themselves at the compulsory congregational prayer.'" Muhammad is Allah. He loved fire as much as the god he created.

Bukhari:V4B52N260 "Ali burnt some people to death and this news reached Abbas, who said, 'Had I been in his place I would not have burnt them, as the Prophet said, 'Don't punish anybody with Allah's Punishment.' No doubt, I would have killed them, for the Prophet said, 'If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him.'" Could somebody please explain how this can be a tolerant or peace-loving religion?

Bukhari:V4B52N196 "Allah's Apostle said, 'I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, "None has the right to be worshipped but Allah."'" Left unchecked, Muslims will continue to kill until all non-Muslims surrender or die.

Democracy and freedom are in conflict with fundamental Islam. Bukhari:V4B52N203 "I heard Allah's Apostle saying, 'We are the last but will be the foremost to enter Paradise.' The Prophet added, 'He who obeys me, obeys Allah, and he who disobeys me, disobeys Allah. He who obeys the chief, obeys me, and he who disobeys the chief, disobeys me. The Imam is like a shelter for whose safety the Muslims should fight.'" Whether this Hadith confirms that Muhammad was Allah, or that apart from Muhammad there were no orders from Allah, is immaterial. His agenda was served. And to establish his legacy and damn the world, he ordered Muslims to be obedient to Islamic clerics and kings - forever. The only way to free Muslims from tyranny, and free non-Muslims from Jihad, is to abolish Islam.

According to Muhammad, Islam and Jihad were inseparable. Bukhari:V4B52N208 "My brother and I came to the Prophet and asked to migrate. He said, 'Migration has passed away.' I replied, 'For what will you accept our pledge of allegiance?" He said, 'I will take the pledge for Islam and Jihad.'" The politically correct crowd and Muslim apologists today would accuse Muhammad of corrupting his religion.

I've shared this Hadith before. It was one of Muhammad's favorites. There are a dozen variations. It's as unambiguous as Mein Kampf . Bukhari:V4B52N220 "Allah's Apostle said, 'I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror. While I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.' Allah's Apostle has left the world and now we are bringing out those treasures." His motivation was booty; his means was terror.

Bukhari:V4B52N233 "Allah's Apostle forbade people to travel to a hostile country carrying copies of the Qur'an." This proves that every Islamic conquest was about power, control, and money, not religion.

Muhammad didn't care for the Persians. It's amazing that Iranians and Iraqis follow a prophet who wanted them destroyed. Bukhari:V4B52N190 "Allah's Apostle sent a letter to Khosrau. When he read the letter he tore it. The Prophet then invoked Allah to disperse them with full dispersion, to destroy them severely."

Showing that he could hate everybody, the religious leader who cursed Arabs, murdered Jews, and condemned Persians went after Byzantine Christians. Bukhari:V4B52N267 "The Prophet said, 'Khosrau will be ruined. There won't be a Persian King after him. Caesar will be ruined. There will be no Caesar after him. You will spend their treasures in Allah's Cause.' He proclaimed, 'War is deceit.'" As a religion, Islam is bankrupt because the currency of faith is truth. However, as a war manifesto and terrorist dogma, Islam is perfect. It even comes complete with handy hints. "Use what you steal to equip your militants so they can steal more. And lie all you want; it makes conquering and plundering easier."

Bukhari:V4B52N268 "Allah's Apostle said, 'War is deceit.'" When you combine this with Qur'an 8:7, "Wipe the Infidels out to the last," and Qur'an 8:39, "So fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam," you get an ongoing state of war that encourages Muslims to continually deceive and murder infidels. That is why they use our media to proclaim: "Jihad is a spiritual struggle," and "Islam is peaceful." Muslims lie to us while their comrades kill us, because their "prophet" and "god" ordered them to do these things.

These next Hadiths demonstrate this principle: Bukhari:V4B52N270-1 "The Prophet said, 'Who is ready to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf, the Jew, who has really hurt Allah and His Apostle?'" Since the Qur'an says man cannot hurt Allah in any way, Allah is either a liar or a man (or both). "Maslama said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Do you want me to kill him.' He replied in the affirmative. Maslama said, 'Then allow me to deceive him.' The Prophet replied, 'I allow you.'" Muslim militants are deploying this same strategy to deceive and kill today.

This is how Islam survived: Bukhari:V4B53N386 "Umar sent Muslims to great countries to fight pagans. He said, 'I intend to invade Persia and Rome.' So, he ordered us to go to [the Persian King] Khosrau. When we reached the enemy, Khosrau's representative came out with 40,000 warriors, saying, 'Talk to me! Who are you.' Mughira replied, 'We are Arabs; we led a hard, miserable, disastrous life. We used to worship trees and stones. While we were in this state, our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or pay us the Jizyah tribute tax in submission. Our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says: 'Whoever amongst us is killed as a martyr shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever survives shall become your master.'"

Jihad is Islam's nastiest business