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 10 Reasons Islam Is Not From God
Allah and his three Daughters of Destiny
Allah turned Jews into apes
An Examination of the Inspiration of Muhammad’s Companions
A question to the Muslims
Blood in his Hand
Can muhmad be prophet
His Death
 How Allah proved he is God
Kafirs In Islam
'Kill! Kill! Kill!'"
Man of God
Mohammed's High Regard For Women
Motivations of Mohammed's
Changed or not for me its ugly
Messengers of God or Mere Disciples
The Pedophile Pirate
Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace
Quran good for Cartoon
Does Allah or Satan Entice People to Sin? Quran Inconsistency
Satan cast a false Revelation on the Messenger of God's tongue
Satanic Verses so Muhammad needed a new Qiblah
The scheme was Qusayy's, the style was Zayd's


"Heavens created as 'Smoke'"
Chapter Five
Temporary Marriage in Islam
Qur'an Contradiction
The True Origin of 'Allah'
War Made a Profit and a Prophet
Quran Contradiction
Was Muhammad A Prophet?
Islam’s Rule of Thumb
Deceptive God, Incompetent Messiah
Islam Beheaded
A Bewitched Prophet?
Muhammad in the Bible?
The Two Faces of Islam . . . Still Smiling
Don’t Lose Your Head!
Was Muhammad a Pedophile?
Nadir Ahmed: Taqiyya Incarnate
What Are the 99 Names of Allah?
Does Allah Love Unbelievers?
Allah Has Two Feet
Why Did Muhammad Attempt Suicide?
Was Muhammad a Pedophile?


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